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Jack Sprat April 24, 2014 at 11:53 AM
Non-property owners will bear the total burden of a $100+ million tax increase. Property owners are Read Morebasically not affected - they will no longer pay the PSTA property tax and the added 1% sales tax will be about the same. Those who own homes worth more than $200,000 will likely pay LESS tax.----------- Apparently some people are finally starting to get it - that this is a big money grab and the non-property owners are paying for it. The poor, seniors, fixed income and middle class folks who don't own property will be paying the $100 million additional tax revenue - mostly to fund the train.------------ Look at the supporters: realtors, developers, contractors, Chamber of Commerce, lobbyists, politicians. They are ALL in it for one reason - to get their share of a $2.8 BILLION project that will be totally (100%) funded with taxpayers money.--------Even Duke Energy has donated $50 MILLION to the support effort - they of course look forward to selling millions of dollars of electricity to run the train, 75% or more will be paid for by taxpayers, not by riders--------Think about that - Duke collects money from you, the taxpayer, then takes some of that money to convince you to vote for a train that will use huge amounts of electricity and you pay for that as well!-------------- $2.5 BILLION is for the train. Do we really need a train to get from St. Pete to Clearwater? (actually it is a streetcar, 20 mph with tracks in the streets is a streetcar).---------------
Jack Sprat April 24, 2014 at 11:57 AM
"The property tax will be replaced by a one percent sales tax."----------------Yes, thatRead Mores ounds so wonderful, especially if you own property.----------------The sales tax is a huge increase in tax revenue that will go to the county first, where an "administrative charge" will be deducted. The county will use the sales tax revenues as collateral for a $1 BILLION loan which will have to be repaid with interest over 30-40 years. There is no turning back once this is set in motion. It is nothing more than a huge money grab - from people who cannot afford more taxes.-------------- The sales tax will be about $140 million in 2014 (same as "Penny for Pinellas") and is estimated to be $193 million ten years after it starts. The current property tax that supports PSTA is only about $32 million and they say it will be eliminated. So property owners will see little difference in their overall taxes paid, they pay a sales tax instead of a property tax - in fact, those who own homes costing more than $200,000 will likely enjoy a tax decrease!-------------------- It is the NON-property owners who will bear the burden of the $100+ million tax increase - which will be a $150+ million tax increase in ten years. Who are they? They are the poor, middle class, fixed income, seniors and even students who will be collectively supporting a train from St. Petersburg to Clearwater that will cost $2.5 BILLION. PSTA projects the train will serve less than 1% of the population ten years after completion, yet everyone who buys anything in Pinellas County including non-residents will be paying for it!-------------------- PSTA does not tell us all the facts. They tell us that "bus service will be increased 65%; they do not tell you that only 10% of the funds will go to buses, 90% will go to that one streetcar line from St. Petersburg to Clearwater. Do YOU plan to ride that streetcar? Is it so important that you are willing to invest $275,000 per rider in a train that travels at 20 mph? On city streets with autos and pedestrians.....that is not a train, it is a streetcar!---------------- No one will tell us why PSTA and the County Commissioners are so focused on increasing our sales tax to 8%, the highest in the state. The "why" is easy - follow the money as it leaves your pockets, goes to realtors, developers, contractors and eventually back to politicians - notice who is backing Greenlight. Almost every politician in the county, including mayors and city councils, all trying to get a piece of the action - our money!---------------- Vote NO on Greenlight and save yourself some real money. Vote yes and give your children and grandchildren a debt they will be paying forever - plus interest.
Jack Sprat April 24, 2014 at 12:07 PM
"The majority of the plan is a 65% increase in PSTA (Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority) busRead Mores ervices."-----------------And that "majority of the plan is projected to cost $300 million.---------So why is only 10% of the money being planned for bus improvements and 90% ($2.5 BILLION) allocated to building a streetcar line from St. Pete to Clearwater? How many people need to go from St. Pete to Clearwater? PSTA predicts LESS THAN 1% of the population.---------Less than 1% will do nothing to "reduce traffic congestion, and improve the air quality in Pinellas County."------------------ Mr Urgo, please tell us where you are getting your information. You seem to be trying to convince us that we need to invest almost $3 BILLION in something we don't need - and 2/3 of that money will be BORROWED, debt that our children and grandchildren will be repaying with interest over the next 30-40 years.-----------Tell us the truth, Mr. Urgo, tell us where you get your information. Are you paid to write such glowing descriptions that have NO relationship to the facts? (I know you are reading this, please respond.)
Allan Greenfield April 22, 2014 at 01:42 PM
Copy and paste the link below for additional information. Thanks forRead Moreviewing!! http://postlets.com /s/6008-49th-ave-n-saint-petersburg-fl-33709/11046781