Hurricane Season Predictions Often Misleading, Officials Say

Emergency management officials say the time to get ready is now — it only takes one storm to make it a bad season.

Just because the  doesn’t mean that residents should ignore the potential for danger.

“It doesn’t matter how many storms you get,” said Thomas Iovino, spokesman for Pinellas County Communications. “If a storm goes over your area, it’s a bad season.”

Iovino pointed to the 1992 hurricane season to serve as a reminder.

“Andrew was a light season storm,” he said. “Andrew was the first hurricane (of that season). It doesn’t matter how many storms are forecast. Every year, you have to treat it like this is the year we’re going to get one.”

With that in mind, Iovino and officials from other Tampa Bay area counties are asking residents to get ready earlier rather than later.

For tips on how to get ready for hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through Nov. 30, click on the "2012 Hurricane Guide" link below, or visit Pinellas County Emergency Management online.


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