Most 'Insane' Stories Have Local Ties

Some of the craziest stories of the year across Florida have St. Pete ties. What is the craziest story in St. Pete this year?

Obligatory media end-of-year lists usually include the most important person or top sports stories of the year, but one national website has a more 'insane' twist with some St. Petersburg ties. 

The social media website BuzzFeed released 'The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened in Florida This Year'

While the list of funny, shocking and humiliating incidents reads like it would be a top list for the entire U.S., all are in Florida and three are local stories. 

  • The Manatee Rider
    • The search and arrest for the alleged manatee rider comes in at No. 35 on the 'insane' list. 
    • Summary: Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 53, had been photographed sitting on and riding a manatee in Fort De Soto Park on Sept. 30. On Nov. 24, authorities arrested her at her workplace for violating the Manatee Sanctuary Act.
  • St. Petersburg Mystery Monkey
    • After more than two years the mysterious monkey was finally captured and even made an appearance on the Colbert Report. The monkey came in at No. 34 on BuzzFeed's list. 
    • Summary: The rhesus monkey was tranquilized with a dart gun by trappers from the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The monkey was spotted in various locations through the Tampa Bay area, most recently living in a south St. Petersburg neighborhood.
  • Giant Eyeball Found
    • At No. 32 on BuzzFeed's list is the discovery of a giant eyeball that was studied in St. Petersburg. 
    • Summary: After examining an eye found on a south Florida beach, researchers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in St. Petersburg believe the specimen is from a swordfish. The approximately softball-size eye was found by someone in Pompano Beach

Other crazy and insane top stories in Florida this year include a fight over harmonicas, a mom biting her daughter after she tried to turn off her Rihanna CD and, of course, people eating faces in Miami


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