Cirque Dreams Combines Acrobatics, Theatrics

Tuesday night's pilot run of the Cirque Dreams performance bred a family friendly environment full of music and wonder. Two additional shows will be held this week at the Mahaffey Theater.

A diverse crowd of all ages showed up to the Mahaffey Theater on Tuesday night for Cirque Dreams "Pop Goes the Rock".

The audience experienced a visual spectacle that included a live band, a laser light show and a musical journey through the decades. It is one in a series of eight shows that are active inside the world of Cirque Dreams.

Two acts of musical performances and daring acrobatics span generations with songs like "The Heat is On" (Glenn Frey) and "Womanizer" (Britney Spears). Other performance chapters from Cirque Dreams include "Holidaze," "Jungle Fantasy," and "Coobrila."

The 1993 birth of Cirque Dreams launched a brand of entertainment that has a style all its own. Founder of Cirque Dreams, Neil Goldberg, conjured up an idea to mix the elements of song, acrobatics and dance. Since its inception, the recipe for the franchise has been successful.

Tickets are available for the Thursday and Friday night showing of Cirque Dreams: Pop Goes The Rock at the Mahaffey Theater. 


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