Clown Alley Visits All Children's for a Day of Fun

All Children's Hospital hosted its annual one-day clown school. The clown hopefuls were serious about learning from a pro.

Saturday was a day for clowning around.

Funny guys and gals of all ages got the chance to learn from the pros, when Clown Alley brought its clown school to .

Professional clown Christine Davison is now retired from Ringling Bros. But she was in St. Pete to offer tips, instruction and guidance at the day long event.

Chair of the Clown Alley Committee, Claire Aucremann, says the whole process is a joy to watch.

"They just have so much fun," said Aucremann. "They put on their makeup and costume, and nobody knows who they are and they can express themselves however they want."

Participants lined up to register at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. The class began at 10 and ran until 2. Kids and adults were trained on makeup techniques, costume design and the art of performing.

Clown Alley Clown School prepares clown hopefuls for two other events. On March 22, the crew will be showing off newly learned skills in the Honda Grand Prix Night Parade on the All Children's Clown Alley Float. Then, around Christmas time, the group will reconnect to perform and participate in the annual


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