Looking for Mr. Bubble

A fad in nightlife entertainment has made its way into the heart of downtown St. Petersburg.

What is it about soap bubbles that make people giddy, even a little crazy?

The best way to answer that may be to check out the next time Jannus Live schedules its ever-growing Glo Foam party.

The get-togethers aren't that different from other DJ-hosted dance nights at clubs downtown, except for one thing: Giant machines spray sudsy bubbles at the crowds all night.

It's like taking a giant bubble bath with a couple hundred strangers – minus the rubber duckies.

The latest Jannus Live Foam Party IV went down on Saturday night, with doors opening at 8 p.m. Attire for these foamy festivities is simple: anything goes. Some people show up in regular street clothes while others wear swimsuits and flip flops. It's not unusual to see the women in bikini tops and shorts. The word of caution is: Prepare to be drenched.

As long as guests aren't naked, they are more than welcome to join the party. This also is an 18 and older event. Jannus Live's website notes these foam gatherings as "the party that won't quit."

That certainly was the case Saturday night, with the bubbles, music and alcohol flowing. The suds seem to help the party-goers lose their inhibitions, with most people getting very slippery and wet.

The foam parties are not just another concoction for getting fans through the door. Foam parties date back to 1932, when Louisiana trumpeter Louis Armstrong performed in a spray of soap suds in the film, "A Rhapsody in Black and Blue."

Today, the foam is high-tech and high-energy. With three generators dispersing the bubble, visibility of the ground is non-existent. Foam distribution can be changed from a blizzard-like spray to a waterfall of thicker bubbles.

In the past year, these dance worthy, sudsy affairs have taken the U.S. by storm. California and New York had a head start but Florida is never too far behind when it comes to trendy ways to have fun.  

Indoor establishments have a difficult time attempting to host foam parties, due to the damaging nature of water and soap combined. It quickly infiltrates paint, carpet and furniture. Jannus Live does not have to deal with those issues since it is an outdoor venue.

Barricades and man-made walls kept the designated "foaming arena" in its place. Fountains of water are scattered throughout the rest of the courtyard for rinsing.

This past weekend, the attendance was a mostly young adult crowd, with what seemed to be a lot of college students. The party-goers played, danced and splashed around.

DJ X was providing the dubstep generation some tunes to get wild to.

With the Jannus Live concert list picking back up, the question is raised: When will the next foam party be? 

The date has not been set, but the demand definitely is there. Expect Glo Foam Part V to take place soon.

T.s. Elliott September 07, 2011 at 02:56 PM
This really looks like fun, but I wonder if I could get my husband to actually go with me!!!


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