Forget the Two-Step; Check Out the Dubstep in Downtown St. Pete

Dubstep is a form of electronic dance music created in South East London with firm roots in Jamaican dub music. St. Petersburg's largest dubstep night is on the rise. Check it out.

ST. PETERSBURG - Every Tuesday, for over a year, Turbo Tuesday has been offering up DJ sets from top dubstep producers at Fubar in downtown St. Petersburg.

Dubstep is a form of electronic dance music created in South East London, with firm roots in Jamaican dub music. Those world roots have taken hold in St. Petersburg.

From Turbo's humble beginnings here, the focus has been on cutting edge beats with high quality sound systems that harness the power of the futuristic bass music.

When founder Jason Feder began the night in 2010, a small but dedicated following was there to support the emerging, new sounds. Through word of mouth and the Internet, Turbo Tuesday took off --with big crowds coming for the dubstep sounds.

No wonder that Turbo Tuesdays pack in the crowds. It's not uncommon to see a line outside Fubar filled with eager fans waiting to enter the establishment to get their weekday dubstep fix. The shows start at 10 p.m. and don't end until 3 a.m.

Resident Turbo Tuesday DJs Subspirate, King Krow and Sidedraft open the night each week with their own distinct varieties of bass music.

Carefully chosen top-notch guest DJs fill the headlining spot on the turntables from 1am to 3am and this week was no exception, with Somoa Good Records invading the venue.

Recent Somoa Good Records signees, Alexandre and Shock to the System from Sarasota, played a back-to-back dubstep set this week, and worked the amped-up packed house at Fubar into a frenzy.

Next month, Inspector Dubplate and DIESEL from the United Kingdom will make their first St. Petersburg apperance at Turbo Tuesday. Presale tickets are now available for the event.

Turbo Tuesdays has a Fan Page on Facebook. Here is how the Admins describe the dubstep movement: "Welcome to St. Pete's first weekly Dubstep and Grime night presented by SubPirate Productions,Fubar Downtown and Pabst Blue Ribbon. We will be hitting you with fresh outta the bag Massiveness every week, for your aural stimulation."

Jim Frain April 21, 2011 at 04:56 PM
Thanks for the great article on Fubar/Turbo Tuesday's and Dubstep...I enjoyed it. However, as I send this to you from O'Fallon. MO I have to say that you left out an important person at Fubar and the person that I believe started and maintain's Turbo Tuesday's and the introduction of Dubstep....My Son and the Beertender Todd Frain....He will not be thrilled that I sent this in but he loves me and he'll get over it.Fubar is a great place and I get down from Missouri as often as possible and I always visit my Beertender Son Todd and Fubar.
nina broyles April 21, 2011 at 08:13 PM
I agree! Todd, as well as all the FUBAR staff, deserve mention. The place would not be the same without them.
Charis Debusk April 22, 2011 at 01:57 AM
Great time!!! Crazy packed! Fubar has an excellent beer selection!
Jim Frain April 22, 2011 at 02:13 AM
Thanks Nina....I agree that Todd and all of the great FUBAR staff make the place very special. I wish that I didn't live so far away because I would be there alot more.


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