Epic Concrete Business Thrives in St. Pete

Local business owner, Jonathan Haywood, would love to call St. Pete "home" for his up and coming concrete design company.

Jonathan Haywood's journey up to this point has been one of liberation, creativity and hands on experiences. He has lived up and down the east coast of the U.S. and after a five-year-stint in Costa Rica, Haywood ended up in Florida where he now owns and operates Epic Artisan Concrete.

After a short-lived college career, Haywood says that life had other plans for him. Traveling was more important to the then 18-year-old, Haywood. Through his travels, he learned about design and gained an appreciation for nature, which would become his ultimate inspiration.

An ex-American patriot introduced Haywood to the world of concrete design. Since then, he hasn't looked back. "Everything about it was just so different and amazing to me," said Haywood.

He picked up on the art form and began to experiment. What Haywood used to view as means of "sidewalks and driveways" was turning into more than just an outlet, but a career path. His creativity combined with a photographic memory of the places he had been, gave Haywood a unique perspective on the possibilities within concrete design.

"My inspiration comes from a lot of different places," said Haywood. "In my travels, nature has always spoken to me."

The waves he learned to surf in Costa Rica have given him a vision to create a wave-like sink that drains with ease. A concrete table in Haywood's living room is draped with concrete-made cloth, an idea and creation all his own.

Countertops, sinks and furniture can all be made to fit a particular space. Thirty-year-old Haywood says that the difference between concrete and other materials is that concrete has infinite flexibility.

So, what makes concrete so high end?

"I would consider it upscale, for the main reason that it is completely custom," explained Haywood.

Aside from Haywood's ability to form unique shapes with the concrete, he says that he can add even more meaning to an otherwise "normal" piece of decor. "We can embed coins or we can embed shells," said Haywood. "Really and truly, we can do anything."

With the material's bendable nature, Haywood says that he can create built-in fruit bowls to countertops or perfectly drainable dips into sinks.

Right now, Epic Artisan Concrete can be contacted for projects by emailing or calling Jonathan Haywood, directly. Haywood says that he is debt free and moving along with the growth of the business. He wants to open a retail location and thinks that downtown St. Pete is the place to do it.

"I would love to be on Central Ave.," gushed Haywood.

St. Pete breeds a "balance" that Haywood explained as "the United States combined with Costa Rican style laid back." There is not the hustle and bustle of a huge city, but enough to keep it interesting while still offering the island time mentality.

Haywood has already collaborated with and plans to continue his work as well as his business' growth, locally.


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