Gas Prices in St. Pete Continue to Drop

As gas prices continue to change, Old Northeast-Downtown St. Pete Patch helps you find the cheapest, and let you know about the most expensive, gas in town.

As you start out your work week, check out the cheapest and most expensive gas in St. Petersburg. Each week, Old Northeast Patch will give you a snap shot of gas prices around town. 

The average price for a gallon of gasoline in St. Petersburg this week is $3.16, which down 11 cents than at this point two weeks ago. The Florida average is $3.22 and the national average is $3.43. 

Prices are according to gasbuddy.com and were compiled within the last 24 hours.


1. Shell, 7101 5th Ave. N

  • Regular: $3.09
  • Premium: $3.41

2. BP, 3737 49th St. N

  • Regular: $3.10
  • Premium: $3.51

3. Hess, 3001 66th St. N.

  • Regular: $3.11
  • Premium: $3.41

Most Expensive

1. Pure, 2753 5th Ave. S

  • Regular: $3.29
  • Premium: N/A

2. Sunshine Food Market, 901 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St

  • Regular: $3.29
  • Premium: $3.59



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