Gratzzi Grille Finds a New Home Downtown

Gratzzi Grille, a former BayWalk tenant, has found a new home downtown. Intact is its distinctive menu and Northern Italian cuisine.

ST. PETERSBURG – With the dramatic fall of Baywalk’s popularity, many worthy businesses were sent out to pasture. Some of these ex-Baywalk locals, however, lived to see another day.

Gratzzi Grille, located on 211 2nd Street South (Pacific Waves’ old abode), is one such ristorante that survived. Its goal now is to thrive downtown.

Owned and run by Dominic D’Angelo and Chef Tony, the revamped restaurant is still flush with Italian affects. One popular side dish, “The Bada Bing,” is named after the hangout of another Tony. Dishes include fresh pasta, such as the Rigatonocci alla Vodka, filled with herbed ricotta and tossed with pancetta, sausage and cheese.

It is nice to see that the move has not changed Gratzzi’s essence.

This story of redemption and perseverance gives hope to Old Northeasters who miss the variety and liveliness that many now defunct Baywalk establishments contributed to downtown life.

Perhaps others might find similar refuge in St. Pete’s emerging metropolis.  


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