Party With a 'Vue': Downtown St. Pete's 19th-Floor Addition

Vue 19's brand-new lounge hosted a soft opening Thursday night, 19 floors high in the Bank of America tower.

Rumors of a high-end nightclub in the Bank of America tower have been circulating through downtown St. Pete for a little more than year. What is finally taking shape on the 19th floor is beyond anyone's expectations.

Once inside the Bank of America building, men in suits check IDs at the elevator. After they approve, a pretty girl opens the doors of an empty elevator, waiting to hoist up the next party.

Visitors are whisked up, and the elevator doors open to a neon-lit lobby, where one more security guard opens the lounge doors to Vue 19's upscale lounge.

A dimly lit and wide open space greets each guest. Inside, there are two main bars, a spacious dance floor, VIP tables galore and a grand piano with a DJ spinning nearby. The decor is overwhelmingly white, creating a crisp, clean environment.

On Thursday, Vue 19 hosted a soft opening. Security is located at multiple points throughout the space, including the balcony that overlooks the 'burg.

The idea of Vue 19's lounge is to produce an exclusive venue where class is key. A strict dress code is in place as well as a reasonable maximum occupancy that will keep the area breatheable.

Vue 19 is offering something very different from any other establishment in the downtown area. And what's more is the club plans to keep it that way.

tt. mitch February 11, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Great club! Me and friends were walking down town to see if there was anything to do and saw beautiful lights coming from a room in the bank of America building and thought it was someone's house party so we were gonna crash, went right up and was amazed how beautiful it was and great music. Great view outside to cool down at.
Gwen Thomas February 13, 2012 at 07:47 PM
I guess you could love or hate this place. Unfortunately, I can't imagine it being a success and was disappointed with the attempt of a nice idea. The whole feel of the atmosphere is a club void of character and taste. The white alligator vinyl walls reflect the ice blue lighting and actually disturb the potential beautiful view of the city. The concrete floors look as though someone tripped and randomly spilled old light blue paint every where. The bar staff is not familiar with basic mixology-so don't expect a good martini here (no, triple sec does not belong in a dry martini with olives). The amount of unused real estate throughout the space encourages an awkward, cold feeling. With only one elevator open to transport guests to a club that should be full to make a profit, I can't see how the vue will pull this one off. See it for the novelty, but I bet you'll be thinking of where else to go after your first drink.
Monica Patterson April 24, 2012 at 08:49 AM
In an area so clustered with clubs and bars, I had high expectations for Vue 19. Sadly, I was disappointed. Paying overpriced cover charge for an empty club is not my idea of a good time. It is such a vast amount of place which makes it difficult to fill (and evacuate in the case of an emergency so it adds a fire hazard to the mix) The owner was nonchalant when we wanted to politely address our complaints and continued to speak another language to another person. Very rude environment not suitable to the likes of Downtown St Pete.


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