Body Pulled From Apartment Swimming Pool

The victim was spotted earlier swimming in the pool and asked a passerby to bet on how long he could hold his breath.

An unidentified man was found dead at the bottom of an apartment building's swimming pool Sunday in St. Petersburg.

Police say they believe the man is the victim of an accidental drowning at the Brandywine Apartments, 1609 68 St. North.

Rescue personnel were summoned to the pool area of the apartment complex at about 11:15 Sunday. A resident of the apartments had spotted the victim lying at the bottom of the pool and had pulled him out.

The victim was transported to St. Petersburg General Hospital, where he was  pronounced dead.

A witness reported seeing the man swimming in the pool earlier and that the victim had asked the witness about betting on how long he could swim underwater. The witness declineed the bet and left the pool area.

At this point officers are still attempting to identify the victim and it is
not known whether he was a resident of the complex, a guest or had trespassed
on to the complex property. There are no indications of foul play.


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