Florida Powerball Winners Include $2 Million Tickets

There were two Match 5 Power Play winners in Florida from Wednesday night's Powerball drawing.

There's a good chance none of your co-workers are quitting their jobs in St. Pete this morning. The winning tickets from the Nov. 28 Powerball drawing were sold in Arizona and Missouri. 

However, two tickets sold in Florida matched 5 numbers and were Power Play tickets. The winners will get $2 million, according to the Powerball website.

The winning Powerball numbers for the Nov. 28, 2012 drawing are 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and a Powerball number of 6.

Here is a breakdown of the number of winners in Florida, from Powerball.com:

Florida Lottery 765,804 Winners Draw Date: 11/28/2012


Power Play Grand Prize   Match 5 + PB 0 --   Match 5 4 2   Match 4 + PB 44 4   Match 4 1310 199   Match 3 + PB 1976 298   Match 3 66316 9470   Match 2 + PB 31523 4617   Match 1 + PB 198500 27804     Match PB Only 371633 52104

For more on Powerball, visit Powerball.com

There are plenty of ups and downs to winning (or trying to win) the Powerball lottery in Florida.

Florida has the third highest active lottery sales in the nation and leads in Powerball wins, the Sun-Sentinel reports:

"We've led the nation since we added Powerball in 2009, both in winners and in sales," the Florida Lottery's Shelly Gerteisen said.

However, when it comes to hitting the jackpot in Florida, that chances goes way down. Prior to last night, only four people have hit the Powerball jackpot in Florida, according to a Powerball analysis website. Florida joined Powerball in 2009 and the multi-state lottery has had 53 winners since then. Indiana leads in jackpot wins with 19 followed by Pennsylvania at 15.

Second place isn't a bad consolation prize, though. Florida has had 159 second-prize Powerball winners, according to the Powerball analysis site.

Lottery analysis website USA Mega broke down what you could expect to take home after taxes in the $580 million jackpot state by state.

Take the 30-year annuity payments, and it's $412.5 million, bringing home $13.75 million each year, according to USA Mega.


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