Ron Paul Is My Kinda Guy

Paul would reduce the military, cut foreign aid, reduce government intervention, end social programs, emphasize personal liberty, lower taxes, return states' rights. What's wrong with that?

I like Ron Paul. I like what he stands for, his courage, his intellect and his commitment. He is crystal clear, he makes no apologies, and he does not flip flop to appease the latest group getting some TV exposure.

He handles the media better than any of the Republican candidates and seems to have their respect.

One thing is for sure, if I were a militant thinking about messing with the United States, the last person I would want to see in the White House is Ron Paul. 

Don't let all that foreign policy, foreign aid pullback, no war talk fool you.  If some foreign power decides to mess with Ron Paul's United States he had better be ready or one hell of a fight. Ron Paul does not strike me as a person I would want to cross.

The knock on Ron Paul is he gives away the farm: reduces the military, cuts foreign aid, reduces government intervention, eliminates social programs, emphasizes personal liberty, lowers taxes, returns states' rights.

So read that last sentence again.... What truly seems so bad about all of that? 

The people who really don't like Ron Paul are the people who make their living slopping it up at the public trough. From an overly indulgent welfare system to over-bloated bureaucracies, these people might just get kicked off the gravy train. That would be a shame.

The problem is electability. No one, including me, thinks Ron Paul can win the presidency. Nor should he. We do need to take a serious look at the issues Paul raises, but a kneejerk turn in that direction would be impossible to pull off and strangling to even attempt.

I want to see Ron Paul have a strong voice at the Republican convention and a major role in the platform.

He can help shape the future, and more important, he can help clear the path for the legion of new, young energetic Republicans he has attracted to the GOP. They are the future of the Party and most likely the country.

For this, we forever will be indebted to Ron Paul and what he accomplished.

Your vote for Ron Paul is not wasted, it is an investment in the future.

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windwardtack January 24, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Have you even looked at his plan? It is doable and incremental. He balances the budget in 3 years without cutting a penny from social security, medicare or veterans benefits, essentially rolls other spending back to 2006 levels, bring the troops overseas home to bases here, to reverse the 1990's-on trend of stationing troops overseas, so they can spend their wages HERE and have upkeep paid for HERE, as an economic stimulus..... Romney on the other hand only trims marginal INCREASES in spending in his plan, and even so cuts medicare. Gingrich says he'll give the moon but has no cuts to finance it and the problem with social security and medicare is not lack of promises, but lack of funding. Besides, Gingrich's actions have NEVER lined up with his speech. Even the budgets he takes credit for 'balancing' only balanced by raiding the social security fund of money it was well known would be needed to pay for future claims. With Ron Paul, you can trust what he says, and what he says is strict but doable. Here is his budget plan, what are listed are the cuts. Some things, like national parks, and oversight of nuclear programs and student loans are moved to other departments when the departments are abolished. I honestly think he intends this ACTUAL BUDGET as a legacy. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-restore-america/
Peter J Dunlay January 25, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Ron Paul is the only candidate that knows how to tell the truth! Perhaps that's why he seems to be out in left field. All of the candidates, including Obama, are the lapdogs of Wall Street! You seem to "go along" with what the Media is saying. Look a little deeper: http://www.dailypaul.com/207245/cnn-poll-shows-ron-paul-beats-obama-in-november-newt-does-not .
Peter J Dunlay January 27, 2012 at 05:24 PM
It's unfortunate that the Public's focus is on Presidential Candidates and not on who's sitting in Congress. We need to stop thinking that one person can bring about the massive re-structuring of the D.C. establishment that is required. At least Mr. Paul is standing on basic Principles that are the foundation of our Republic! Honest and trustworthy!


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