'You Didn't Build That' ... Barack Obama

Small business may yet be the economy's' savior, but it won't be as long as Barack Obama is President.

I come from a small business family. In 1940's my grandfather started the family retail furniture business in a small Indiana town by himself. All by himself. My father entered the business in his twenty's, my grandfather passed away and my father worked himself in to a heart attack at 55 running the place mostly by himself.

There were 5 of us kids, all of us worked in the business at one time or another, we all had the chance to go to college, 2 made their careers in public service, one in the finance/insurance business and 2 of my brothers took over the business and now operate it as the third generation.

There will be no 4th generation. Its hard work, long hours and with  the economy, uncertainty, taxes, health insurance costs and competitive pressures the rewards are now not that great.  And there is no one helping you. None of the grandchildren want to go through that.

When you are raised in an entrepreneurial family it is in your blood. I started three small businesses, 2 pretty successful one not so much, and I can tell you for a fact no one helped me.

My grandfather once told me you "don't know what business is like until you set down on Friday, write the pay checks, pay the bills and there isn't any money left for you."

I've had that experience, and he was right. That's when you know you are all alone. 

Down there in the left hand corner of the Patch Home page you find some small businesses. Stop in. Find one of the owners ask them how anyone, especially the government, helped them get started. Make sure you have some time because you will likely get an earful.

I voted for Obama. My Grandfather probably rolled over in his grave. I thought this Democrat is different. He said all of the right words, made most of the right promises but in the end he is a true Democrat to the core.

There is really nothing wrong with that, but these 3 years have proven those basic Democratic tenants of government: directed wealth redistribution, government subsidies and socialized healthcare cannot and will not pull this country out of the economic doldrums.

Obama just doesn't get it. He has no ability to really understand what makes the economy tick.

No matter how much he tries to walk back the "You didn't Build It" comment, every small business owner knows Obama doesn't get it. Watch his eyes in the walk-back TV ads. You can see he really doesn't believe what he is saying.

Quite a while back I Posted . Small business may yet be the economy's savior, but it won't be as long as Barack Obama is President.

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Jon Crawfurd August 02, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Your personal story is compelling, but you need to be called out on this. Please listen to the President’s ENTIRE speech, and then apologize to him for taking his words out of context. The President is not against small business, and he is not out of touch with how the economy works. You’ve propagated a Rmoney lie as the truth simply because the Rmoney machine has repeated it over and over. Read my lips: it’s not the President that’s against small business, its big business that’s against small business. There’s near zero small retail furniture businesses left in this country. Why? … because the big box retail stores have absorbed near 100% of the business. There’s near zero furniture manufacturing left in this country. Why? … because the big manufactures have outsourced near 100% of the manufacturing overseas. If you’d have listened to the President’s speech, you would realize how wrong you are. Let’s take one small example re: your family’s furniture business: how did the furniture get to your family’s store? Answer: it was on roads and railways that your family did not build; “ … you did not build that!”. A large part of this country’s greatness is based on its infrastructure; public built and public funded, but sorely neglected in this era of unconscionable tax policies. That’s the President’s message, and it’s a good one we should all pay attention to.
Jennifer August 02, 2012 at 12:38 PM
EXACTLY, Jon! I'm so tired of people commenting on soundbites, rather than quotes in context! The point of the speech was that no individual or success exists in a vacuum, and it takes a functioning society to help boost small business. Surely you don't disagree with that!
CC August 02, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Doc pay no mind the to kool aid drinkers. I've worked for a small, local, family run manufacturing business for 15 years. I can tell you the only reason we have looked overseas for anything is employers are being taxed to death by all levels of government. A Mom and Pop busniness can deal with AND thrive in competative markets. According to the big business haters line of thinking the Pony Express should still be operating. Get the government the hell out of the way and you'll see the economy take off again.
Jon Crawfurd August 02, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Like just about everyone else in the country, I’m for small business, and I’m not against making sure we have the right environment for prosperity and growth. With this attitude in mind, what taxes are over burdensome? … what regulations are stifling your business. Let’s stop with the kool aid and get down to solving the problem.
Terry Libich August 02, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Romney gave the same speach at the opening of the 2002 Olympics. The difference was he said the participants did not get there on their own. They had the support and help of their parents, coaches, community pools, tracks etc. Decisions made on sound bites and negative adds are going to destroy this country faster than anything else.
CC August 02, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Oh Jon, where to begin in listing business taxes and the cost of over regulation by the various local, state and federal agencies. For the sake of brevity, I’ll site a couple. ~ Due to the ever reaching EPA, a chemical metal treatment our some products must undergo before being considered finish goods had has so many heavy “fees” imposed upon it that the 8 Florida based companies we used to be able to send work to have gone out of business. We are forced to send parts to (one of the few remaining companies nationwide) in NY for treatment via UPS (how green is that EPA??) adding an additional $5,000.00 to our monthly UPS bill. We also buy these parts completed from China cheaper than we can make them here in the US. This type of problem is repeated throughout our product line in various ways from machining supplies to fees imposed on our plastic packaging supplier and on and on and on. It all adds to the bottom line. ~ During and IRS payroll audit last year, we were penalized and fined $32,000.00 because the owner of the company pays himself the lowest salary of all 32 employees. According to the IRS, he must pay himself the Industry standard. If he does not, the IRS feels he is not paying in the proper amount of payroll taxes. Crazy!!
Lynda August 02, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Outsourcing to China? Let's see, Chinese drywall that poisons, children's toys with too much lead, dog treats that kill dogs. Want me to go on? And what about the fact that most Chinese urban areas have polluted air, water, land? Be grateful for the Florida companies that go out of business because they cannot pollute or kill us ; their owners aren't smart or creative enough to find a way to make their products safely. The biggest problem with most American businesses is that they want every thing handed to them on silver platter with no taxes, no safety regulations and no competition. Just what would you call that attitude? What I wouldn't call it is is "entrepreneurial". Things have changed since your grandfather's time, Doc, and in most businesses, not for the better.
CC August 02, 2012 at 05:33 PM
WOW - "Be grateful for the Florida companies that go out of business because they cannot pollute or kill us" Pretty much sums up the liberal attitude. I really just need to remember what my mama taught me. Never argue with an idiot, someone overhearing can't tell the difference.
Lynda August 02, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Please don't call me an idiot. I am a very hard-headed, pro-business advocate who believes what I read in the WSJ and Financial Times. Many American businesses have become soft and lazy and not up to the challenges they face to produce world class products without significant government subsidies from the very government they love to hate. It seems to me "survival of the fittest" is a conservative rallying cry along with " I built it myself" (without public education, employees, roads or help from anyone other than my government customers!!). So why aren't you building it yourself no matter what the obstacles are? Why are you whining about taxes, regulations or paying employees a living wage? So why is the national Chamber of Commerce spending so much more money lobbying for no taxes or no safety regulations and other subsidies than it is on innovation or research developing solutions? American businesses that go out of business are just following the conservative "survival of the fittest" Think of all the Bain businesses that Romney destroyed for "constructive capitalism"! If you aren't smart enough (or moral enough) to make it into the 1% no matter what obstacles you face it is your fault. Or you just have made poor life decisions. No one helped you so no one else is to blame. Right? Or have I taken the conservative rallying cries out of context?
Peter Stewart August 02, 2012 at 06:51 PM
Did anyone bother to read the front page of the Times this morning...............Romney's plan will tax the middle class but save the fat cats. After all boys and girls someone has to pay the freight. As bad as the system is run at least we still have the freedom to bitch about it!!
Gentle Reader August 03, 2012 at 08:55 PM
I am so grateful to live in an America where businesses can make themselves out of nothing: no roads, no water system, no electric grid, no general laws or protection.
Jon Crawfurd August 03, 2012 at 09:39 PM
According to the EPA website, a fee is “ … based on the content of pollutants discharged into the environment”. Are you saying the fees you call out have nothing to do with pollutants? … that they have no impact on the environment? I don’t want to see anyone go out of business, but I’m not sure I see a justification for manufactures getting a free ride on environmental damage. There’s no getting around Mother Nature; even the Chinese will have to eventually pay the price. $32,000! … ouch! I can’t comment on this with so few details. But, it seems obvious your company should think about a new accountant. It’s interesting that your complaints (EPA and IRS) have to do with rules and regulations propagated over many-many years. In fact, I’m willing to make a big bet that Obama has nothing to do with your complaints, and I’ll double up with a second bet that Rmoney will do nothing to change these agencies.
Bob Tankel August 06, 2012 at 11:25 PM
To amplify on Gentle, let's see DARPA project that became the Internet; Oak Ridge and Manhattan project that resulted in atomic power; FDIC insurance so you don't lose your bank account in a crisis; an army to protect you from foreign foes; police to protect you from domestic ones; public education that used to be top rate; regulated utilities so you don't get gouged; garbage pickup. If you had to do everything yourself you don't live in the USA. You want to be free of government regulation? There are a dozen countries around the world, maybe 4 dozen where there is no government; move there to be "free" from all this intrusion; I hope you have enough money to buy a big enough army/militia to protect you. You should back Ron Paul who, I believe, believes that if you want a road, go build one; a school, have at it; an aircraft carrier (well the Constitution says the President is commander in chief of the army and navy but doesnt dictate what kind, I could go on but this is tiresome. Nobody built what hey have and the richest got student loans backed by government government sponsored schools, loans, trained employees, all free...


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