Fire the Politicians Who Disregard the Rights of American Laborers

There was a time when companies treated their workers and families with respect and a sense of fairness.

It’s called spin. The 500-plus members of Congress, the President and Vice President use it generously. It comes from 1950s slang, as in to spin a yarn. Its most clear definition is public relations manipulation, and it has become a code word for propaganda.

Everything we are fed is filtered through the spin machine; there is no way to determine where truth ends and where the spin begins. I guess on Labor Day we should be glad our politicians have created a few new jobs – the spin doctors and those on the spin control patrol.

I’m certainly glad to have a job, but just because I continue to care about those who don’t does not mean I must leave the country. Does it? I get so sick of those who continue to drink the partisan Kool-Aid, saying, if you don’t like it, leave it. I love it, I respect it, but it is my duty to change it, not buy every piece of political spin those running for office spit out.

Let’s talk about Labor Day. Do you know the truth behind Labor Day? Labor Day was created to appease the unionists of the late 1800s. The official decree said it recognized those workers whose efforts contributed to the nation.

The reality was quite different: The government sent in thousands of soldiers and U.S. Marshals, to break up a strike by Pullman workers in 1894, killing many. The national holiday was hurriedly put in place to pacify those strikers. What were they striking against? The Pullman Co. was their employer and their landlord. Wages continued to drop, and the workers could no longer pay the landlords.

Statistics can be bent and reshaped to support any view. Many are used to justify government activity or more aptly government inactivity. The national rate of unemployment is 8.3 percent. Am I wrong in that there are more than 8.3 percent of those I know out of work?

In fact, Labor Day is mostly a holiday for government employees. Today there will be cookouts all across our great land; don’t let it bother you that many will be eating crackers with packets of catsup, mayo, mustard or jelly spread on them.

Think of all the jobless. Do you think they understand the true meaning of this holiday? Think of those who actually keep the country running. The average American is working today. I have worked every Labor Day and have always found that ironic. The average American cannot afford to take this day off and jeopardizes his job if he dares to.

Our government continues to pass laws that give tax breaks to our largest companies that then move out of the country anyway, after reaping those tax breaks.

Meanwhile, our small business owners do not get those breaks and actually create the most jobs and activity in our economy. They are being strangled to death by the large corporations our government continues to support. The crazy part of this, those small business owners continue to support their Kool-Aid carrying leaders because they support business. Small businesses are not on the radar enough to have any effect on the policies that are destroying them.

Corporations continue to lobby successfully to erode our rights, our rights being the only pesky problems that stand in their or our government’s way. With the instituting of At Will States, which are spreading, companies, can now treat their employees with any degree of maltreatment they see fit.

The American worker now has no protection against unfair treatment. There was a time when unions were not needed, when companies treated their workers and families with respect, out of a sense of fairness. That fairness has long ago disappeared. By the way, statistics say that corporate profit margins are at an-all time high.

So as you celebrate today, however you can, don’t worry. Those same statistics say that there are only ten homeless people and that most of them are homeless by choice.

There are extremely few kids being abused, and most of those are running into the fists of their abusers from pure stupidity. The five children who are beaten to death each day are merely committing suicide by fist.

The wars on drugs and terror are working, and the police and the prison systems are there for our protection.

Get over the Kool-Aid-laced presidential elections; the president makes little difference. Quit fighting about stupid, partisan politics and elect some congress men and women who will do their jobs, not live as royalty.

If over five hundred of the most educated people in the country, with billions of dollars at their disposal, can’t balance the budget or eliminate the deficit, they don’t want to.

Give them a taste of our new employment reality in America, fire them and find someone who can.

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Kennesaw Taylor September 05, 2012 at 11:07 AM
To say all democrats are on welfare does not show what kind of Kool Aid you drink, but it gives a strong indication of the size of your glass.
Kennesaw Taylor September 05, 2012 at 11:15 AM
I continue to be mostly non partisan and to vote for candidates for their merit instead of their party. However, if you do not come out against one party or the other you are branded as an enemy and attacked by both. This is exactly the reason our elections have become circuses. They're simply contests to see who can juggle the best or who ends up with the best puppet show. Somehow by struggling to not become a puppet, I am labeled as a commie and liberal. I'll continue to vote with my brain as so many continue to vote for a party name. I am and always will be a member of the American Party and anyone trying to divide the people needs to be fired.
BoozN September 05, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Kennesaw, I could not agree with you more...it's about the ideas not the party...And yes, Ruthi should either put the glass down or pass it...
David Brown September 06, 2012 at 10:13 AM
Great piece. One of the best I've read in a long time
casarsa September 10, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Wonderful article. Thanks for representing the Independents, which might have a good % of us out there by now. Ruthiness up at 2:42 am watching You Tube conspiracy vids - probably not going to work the next day? Sloth and hard work exist on both sides of the fence. So do structured closed minds.


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