Republican Rallying Cry: Good for a Limited Time Only

Republicans desperate for a simple message that would not alienate 98% of registered voters finally came up with one that at least small business owners might like.

Republicans desperately scrambed for a rallying cry that would not alienate 98% of registered voters.

Rape is not necessarily rape. No good. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Maybe not. No equal pay for equal work. That might rub even a few Republican women the wrong way. The ultra rich need more tax breaks. No, too many Republicans are poor, too.

Finally at the last minute the Republican Party came up with a mantra that at least small business owners might approve of – WE BUILT THIS. I wonder who was responsible for that bright idea. The delegates at the RNC last night were wearing some crazy hats all right, but none of them were in hard hats. In fact, I didn't see anybody who looked like they'd built anything more substantial than a sandwich.

Small business owners are not a huge segment of the voting population anyway, and probably a lot of them will be too pooped to make it to the polls in November. I mean, according to the Republicans, they built their businesses and ran them all by themselves. No help from the government or any employees or anything like that.

I'm surprised they had the energy to stand up and shake their Romney/Ryan signs. If Romney does win in November, I think Republicans are going to have to change their slogan to: WE BOUGHT THIS.

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Paul B. September 01, 2012 at 03:10 PM
So sorry to note that Patch had no publicity about the appearance of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now at the Palladium last night. The house was packed, and she was terrific. A great event!
KimDiazPoliticalCartoons September 01, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Hi Paul B. Maybe you could write about the experience. I'm sorry I missed it. If you might want to do that here's a link with info... http://oldnortheast.patch.com/blog/apply
Paul B. September 01, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Well, as I say, the Palladium was packed, and the audience highly animated. She talked about her new book 'The Silenced Majority', which talks about the control of the media and the message by the wealthy and powerful, especially corporate interests. How poorly informed people are by much of the media. How we are becominbg a National Security state. The militarization of the police. She could have been elected President on the spot if there had been a straw pool at the Palladium last night. I looked for coverage in today's TB times, and saw none.


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