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Meatless Flat Iron Steak Does Not Disappoint

Meze 119 offers an array of vegetarian and vegan dishes; the store is dedicated to being a meat-free environment.

In my discovery of Meze 119, 119 2nd St. N., I was disappointed that I did not know it was there before. The menu is lengthy, well priced and every option is either vegetarian or vegan. 

After a long while of scanning my options, I went with the Flat Iron Steak Sandwich. Sliced "steak" is smothered with caramelized onions, cheese, mushrooms and cabbage.

It is then brought together between two pieces of garlic flatbread. A house made hot sauce that tasted like a buffalo blend topped off the flavorful mix.

For $8.50, the Flat Iron Steak Sandwich at Meze 119 was definitely the best thing I ate this week.


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