Central Avenue Oyster Bar a Great Lunch Location

Central Avenue Oyster Bar's Blue Cheese Oysters are definitely the best thing i ate this week.

Although I'm native to Florida, seafood was never a favorable meal option growing up. Not only was the smell of fish intolerable, but you would certainly never eat something that came from the water.

Well, like most people, I grew up and discovered I actually really enjoyed eating seafood. Oysters are at the top of my list of favorite dishes.

I've heard rave reviews about . I decided to give it a whirl this week. Instead of indulging at dinner time, I went around lunch time.

The service was efficient and I was in the mood for the restaurant's signature item: oysters. After getting the scoop on the different options (mexican, chipotle, rockefeller) I landed on the Blue Cheese Oysters. The plate is complete with six fresh oysters baked with chunks of blue cheese, served with fresh lemon.

For $9.95, a single serving (6) of oysters from the establishment on Central is well worth the meal. And for $12.95, patrons can enjoy a sampling (9) of three different types of oysters.

Central Avenue Oyster Bar is located at 249 Central Avenue. 


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