Elections: What’s the Worst Political Call You’ve Received?

With the 2012 Presidential election only a few weeks away, pollsters are working their dialing fingers overtime to reach out to Tampa Bay residents and glean their opinions.

Election season is in full swing. In the Tampa Bay area and beyond that also means that telemarketing season is heating up to the boiling point.

As if there was any doubt, the constant ringing of the phone in the evening hours makes it quite clear. Ogden, Utah, Washington, D.C., New York City – the caller ID makes it pretty obvious the calls are coming from either President Obama’s campaign or Gov. Mitt Romney’s. And, if not, a political action committee somehow related to the race.

Even so, many of us just can’t help but answer, eager to share our opinions in the latest poll to come down the pike. While most of us who do answer those calls anticipate professionals on the other end of the line, sometimes we find ourselves embroiled in a survey that’s one-sided, comical or even downright rude. (One caller to my house hung up mid-survey when I didn’t provide the answers he sought.)

Considering that Election Season can also prove to be Intrusive Call Season, we want to hear from you Tampa Bay.

Tell us about the funniest, strangest or rudest political call you’ve received so far this election year. On the flip side, let us know about pollsters who have been fun to speak with. Just share your stories in the comments section.


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