Evos: Fast Food With Less Guilt

The fourth street location offers a healthier side of traditional fast food.

From hormone-free meats to air baked fries, might not be the lightest option for a quick meal, but it takes the cake in the field of sustainability. Not only do Evos locations use recycling for menus, energy and the stores themselves, but they are mindful of harmful oils that traditional fast food joints overuse.

Instead of using oil, Evos restaurants use air to cook their products. In addition, the products used at Evos are Fair Trade Certified. With sustainable farming in mind, the venues use as many Certified Organic ingredients they can get their hands on.

Aside from all that jazz, the food is outstanding. I tried the Chopped Steak Taco Wrap, which comes with ⅓ lb. naturally raised chopped steak, hormone/antibiotic-free southwest sour cream, leaf lettuce, tomato, onion and natural cheddar cheese wrapped in a honey wheat wrap. Being vegetarian, I subbed the real meat for the Evos veggie-soy option and went with no onions.

Wraps, by themselves, sell for $5.99 a pop, but add a side of air fries and a drink for $8.49.

Next time, I will have to try one of their famous low fat, organic milkshakes ($3.49). I hear they are quite the treat.


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