VP Joe Biden's One-Liners (VIDEO)

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his humor, which he shared before a Sarasota crowd that seemed to enjoy every minute.

It's time to laugh. Really.

Vice President Joe Biden's appearance in Sarasota was noted for him calling Gov. Mitt Romney's Ohio radio ad an "outrageous lie" about how Jeep is taking jobs to China. (For the record, the Jeep chief executive said they are adding jobs in Toledo, and a new Chinese plant is for only the Chinese market.)

But there's a lot of crazy stuff and one-liners that Biden said that didn't make it to the nightly news. Especially when you clip his words together out of order and out of context like a late-night talk show.


"Eureka! He found there was a binder full of qualified women!"

"I'm being a good Biden today."

"... The president is wrong."

"Look man, I used to have a grandfather. Everybody's had a grandfather."

And several instances of "yo" almost like an Andrew Dice Clay zinger.

So, watch, laugh, maybe make a frowny face. Click Recommend if you're so inclined.

Most of all, it's time to humor yourselves, turn off the caps lock and relax.


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