When 'I Quit!' Makes Sense

Counter offers may come with hidden strings and resentments that make it impossible to stay at a company, even when the pay and benefits increase.

By Matthew Bourdeau

Counter offers can be flattering, but they come with many drawbacks. Here are five reasons the smartest response to a counteroffer is “No, thanks.”

1.      Money isn’t everything Remind yourself why you considered a move in the first place. Higher compensation won’t erase every problem.

2.      You’ve tipped your hand Your threatened departure alerted your employer that you have an eye on the door.

3.      Secrets get out Even if you’ve been careful to keep the situation between you and your boss, chances are your coworkers will hear about the details of the counteroffer.

4.      Name decay – The damage to your reputation won’t be limited to your current coworkers.  Anyone at the other company will associate your name with a broken promise and wasted time.

5.      The boomerang effect – Counter offers often end up magnifying the shortcomings of your current job – the exact opposite of the desired effect.

 “Rejecting a counter offer is a good career move – both in the short and long term,'' said Matthew Bourdeau, Regional Vice President for Robert Half Technology in Tampa.

"When people accept a counter offer after submitting their resignation it does not erase the fact that their manager will question their loyalty.”


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