Foul Play Suspected in Missing Person Case

A St. Petersburg man is missing and law enforcement is seeking the public's help. With foul play suspected, investigators are looking for any information that may lead to his whereabouts.

St. Petersburg Police are searching for Kevin Richard Lawya, of 2551 15th Ave. N, who has been missing since Friday, June 29.

Lawya, 56, was reported missing after a co-worker became worried about his well being.

According to a news release, the co-worker thought it was "unusual" for Lawya to miss work. The co-worker drove by Lawya's house on Friday, but he was not home and his truck was not in the driveway.

The co-worker contacted the police.

Police arrived at Lawya's residence and found no sign of forced entry or any other indications of foul play, they said. Investigators spoke with a neighbor, who remembered seeing Lawya's truck in the driveway the night before. 

Lawya missed work again on Monday, July 2nd. Investigators decided to broadcast that Lawya, and his 2009 Toyota Tacoma, were missing. 

On Wednesday, July 3rd, officers received word of a sighted truck matching the description of Lawya's. The truck was discovered in the 800 block of Union Street South. Investigators verified that it was Lawya's and found evidence of foul play and called in a forensic team and detectives to process the truck, police said.

Anyone with information about Kevin Lawya can call the St. Petersburg Police Department's Communication Center at 727-893-7780.

Anonymous tipsters can use our Tip Line at 727-892-5000 or Text a Tip at



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