Husband Stabbed in Argument Over Marital Infidelity

The St. Petersburg husband is fighting for his life after accusations were made about marital infidelity and his wife.

A St. Petersburg husband who argued with another man over accusations of marital infidelity with his wife was stabbed several times early Thursday.

He is hospitalized with life threatening wounds, police said.

The incident occurred when the husband and another man visited the resident of a house at 344 4th St. S. at 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

The husband and the resident argued over his wife, and both men pulled "sharp-edge" weapons, according to police. The husband was stabbed several times.

The man who had accompanied the victim to the house then began to strike the resident with a chain, but then fled before police arrived.

Both the resident and stabbing victim were taken to the hospital, after police were called to the scene.

While the resident has relatively minor injuries, the stabbing victim has life threatening wounds and is currently listed in critical condition. 


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