Pedestrian Runs After Car, Gets Run Over

According to St. Petersburg Police, the pedestrian was intentionally blocking the street and ran after a vehicle.

St. Petersburg Police say a 29-year-old St. Pete man has life-threatening injuries from being struck by a vehicle on Jan. 3 after allegedly running after the vehicle. 

According to the police report, Jonathan Daniel Eyer allegedly blocked the path of a northbound vehicle driven by 19-year-old Kyle Jones of Pinellas Park at 13th Avenue North and 58th Street. As Jones backed up to get away from Eyer, police said Eyer ran after Jones. 

Eyer was then struck by Jones' 2010 Chevrolet.

Just prior to the crash, police said there was a report of a pedestrian walking aimlessly on 58th and behaving strangely.

Police said alcohol is a factor on the part of Eyer. 

He was taken to Bayfront Medical Center for treatment.

Mark January 16, 2013 at 07:13 AM
Hey stupid Shelly, get your facts straight. Mr. Eyer was hit by Kyle Jones because he was drunk again and was running out in traffic. The car that backed up to get away from Johnny was NOT driven by Mr. Jones. That happened prior to him jumping in front of Mr. Jones' Chevrolet. He had jumped in front of several vehicles that night. Read the police reports. And he was not discovered hours later in the bushes by some lady. There were witnesses to exactly what happened. He was immediately transported to Bayfront. Again, check the corresponding times on the reports. Kyle Jones DID NOT leave the scene of the accident!!! Your false and ridiculous accusations are disgusting and frankly, just plain ignorant...Johnny Eyer was a convicted felon who had been to prison numerous times, one of the charges being strong armed robbery. He was a horrible husband, a deadbeat dad, a junkie & a thug. He ran out in front of an innocent kid who was driving down the street that will be scarred for life, not just for a few moments. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! And if you are so worried about the youth of America, be concerned that they will grow up like Johnny Eyer, your dear family friend....
Mark January 16, 2013 at 07:20 AM
A few personal problems, indeed...
Mark January 16, 2013 at 03:57 PM
Also, if you do your homework, Shelly, your boy was released from prison AGAIN during the beginning of December & was promptly arrested AGAIN 4 days after his release. Do you think Mr. Eyer thought he was going back to prison??? I suspect that was his motivation for running into traffic. He never shoulda been released. Your dear family friend was obviously a menace to society. Choose your friends wisely & your words as well...
Shelly Perry January 16, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Sure thing God! When you are done walking on water, you better make sure its not your family mowed down by the teen driver that bears no responsibility! By the way, blame the Police for giving his family the "wrong" info, as they are the ones who informed his Mother where & when he was found. And do society a favor & have some sort of couth about yourself when you speak of The Dead. EVERYONE, including yourself, makes major & minor mistakes. A drug & alcohol disease does NOT make a horrendous person that DESERVES to be mowed down & killed regardless of where he physically was. Per your words, other drivers missed hitting him!!! Im sure you have made his INNOCENT Mother & Son feel great by your inconsequential, inconsiderate comments.
Mark January 17, 2013 at 02:45 AM
My words were not meant to hurt. My words are the facts in the case. Again, Johnny Eyer was a troubled man. But because he made the choice to step in front of numerous cars to end his life & got what he wanted. That by no means, makes Kyle Jones guilty of mowing him over on purpose. Thats not what happened here, as you repeatedly have stated. The blame lies with Johnny Eyer. He died like he lived, with no regard for consequences or the feelings of others. He didnt care about his Mom, wife, or son, when he willfully destroyed their world. Everybody makes mistakes, myself included, but Eyer made a fatal mistake. You blame Kyle, and now the police, and everyone else, except for the person who arranged for this tragic event to happen. Accept the facts. It is what it is...No more, no less. You think I dont care about Johnny Eyer or his family? No mam, not so...I am part of his family. I'm just not blaming some innocent kid for his death.


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