Police Investigate Shooting at Jamestown Apartments

Police have charged the suspect, Deltonia M. Clary Jr., with armed robbery and attempted murder.

An armed robbery at the Jamestown Apartments late Wednesday night ended in gunfire, with both the suspect and victim suffering from gunshot wounds. 

Deltonia M. Clary Jr., 20, will be charged with attempted homicide and armed robbery once he is released from the hospital, according to St. Petersburg Police. 

Police said they responded to 1212 Burlington Ave. N. around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday after multiple calls of shots fired. After arriving, officers located one person who had suffered gunshot wounds. A second person later arrived at a local hospital emergency room.  

Based on witness statements, Clary Jr. is suspected of attempting to commit
armed robbery on 20-year-old Shawn E. Enwright. During this attempted armed robbery, Clary Jr. and Enwright exchanged gunfire, police said.

According to Lieutenant Antonio Gilliam, both men were shot in the process and are recovering at a local hospital. Upon release from the hospital, Clary Jr. will be transported to the Pinellas County Jail. 

Last week in Mayor Bill Foster's "Foster's Forecast", he talked about the improvements to the Jamestown Apartments:

"The city of St. Petersburg developed and owns a unique residential complex close to downtown for low and middle income residents, Jamestown Townhomes and Apartments. It is named after the longtime community activist, Chester James, and was built in a neighborhood once known as Methodist Town. 

 The 76-unit complex features a variety of one to four bedroom rental residences with green space, pedestrian walkways, lighting and bicycle paths. A city park with an updated playground is adjacent to the development, along with the Dwight Jones Neighborhood Center.

The city recently completed a $395,000 renovation at Dwight Jones Center, including a new HVAC system, new doors, new ceilings and energy efficient light fixtures, repainting and courtyard improvements. 

Now, the city is embarking on a phase-by-phase renovation of the older residential units at the complex. Eight units are receiving new energy-efficient HVAC units, new kitchens, bathroom fixtures and energy-efficient windows, laminate floors, electrical improvements, drywall replacement and new paint throughout."

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CJ February 09, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Come on people...it is time to quit giving the homeless the benefit of the doubt and any slack. They are a high risk group for doing crimes against us all. I think the homeless are doing these crimes...and also the recent theft at the ShuffleBoad club...and god knows what else. You can't even sit in your car and enjoy your lunch, the radio, or simply the beautiful day, etc, etc, etc, without these creeps coming up to your car to bum money or whatever. They have their own little ''stories'' that are nothing but rehearsed canned lines/lies they use over and over to bum money. Throw them in a hot jail cell for 3 days, feed them peanut buter and bread sandwiches and water...them drive them to the NE edge of town and drop em off to go back where they came from. Then they might not think this is such a good place to hang out afterall after they having to do some serious walking. They get treated too good here...it's no wonder they like Pinellas County. They settle in on an area and live there and usually never leave more than about a 4 block circle. It's getting to the point where you almost feel like you need to know their name...and that is the problem. Our city has practically sent out the message that it is fine if they stay here.
Someone Else April 06, 2013 at 10:55 AM
One can only hope that hard times never befall you because karma has a way of making a point. Not everyone in any class of people are any particular way, just as I'm thankfully sure that you don't represent what ever class of people you think you represent. Acceptance, kindness, empathy, helpfulness and at the very least, tolerance. These are far more admirable qualities to strive for. And the benefit is you will feel good inside instead of feeling angry. Can you imagine a world where everyone just tried to be nice, regardless of their situation, regardless of their individual difficulties. We are not perfect people but I think we could all do a little better. Of course things could be worse. But, I hope not.


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