Police Search for Driver That Allegedly Killed Dog on Purpose

The video shows a newer sedan speeding up and veering toward the dog, which was killed on impact. Police are asking the public for help.

A 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Snoopy is dead after police said a car allegedly ran him over on purpose Monday. 

According to St. Petersburg Police, at about 7:51 a.m. Jan. 14, a witness observed a blue four-door sedan heading west in the alley behind 5149 3rd Ave. N.

A moment later the same vehicle was seen heading back east in the alley, now driving at a high rate of speed.  

The witness saw a small dog running ahead of it and then struck by the car, which continued to leave the area without stopping.

Police said based on the witnesses' account, it appeared that the driver intentionally ran over the dog.

Snoopy's owner, Paul Alves, told the Tampa Bay Times that Snoopy was a good dog that sometimes got out of the back yard but would always come back. 

When Snoopy did not come back Monday, Alves went to look for him, according to the Times. 

He found his 25-year-old neighbor and her children there, visibly upset. Then he saw his dog lying nearby on the ground, dead.

"It was just horrible," Alves said. "You could see his neck was broken."

The witness could not see who was driving the car at the time, but it is likely that the person may reside or know someone somewhere in the immediate area, police said.

Responding officers and the owner found the dog dead on the scene

Snoopy, police said, had slipped out from his fenced in backyard not far from where he was struck.

Investigating officers located a neighbor who had a home security camera, which provided an alley view of the area.  

In the surveillance video, the suspect's vehicle can be seen heading east in the alley. Although barely seen, Snoopy is visible on the north side of the alley immediately after being struck.

Detectives have released the alley surveillance video in the hopes of identifying the driver of the suspect vehicle. Police said at this point they would just like to interview the driver in order to determine his or her intent.

The make and model of the car has not yet been determined but it does appear to be a newer model blue four-door sedan, police said.

Anyone with information should call the non-emergency number at 727-893-7780, Text-A-Tip to 727-420-8911 or leave a confidential tip at 727-892-5000.

CJ January 16, 2013 at 03:52 PM
This was a terrible thing, but personally I think whoever allowed this dog to not be better protected is pretty bad also. The fact is...I would not be surprised if this was not done on purpose. I did not watch the video, but it is hard to imagine anyone doing this on purpose. If it was done accidentally, that means it is actually the pet owner who has done the worse thing here. Dogs should not be allowed to get around moving cars, especially a pup. Why is there no criticism about the owner? If it was an accident, then it should be treated like one and move on. No need to make a federal case over it. Dogs and cars don't mix . Nothing new there. When I grew up, We lived sort of out in the country and there were no leash laws. Dogs ran free, and I think it was almost ''normal'' for a dog to chase cars...until he got hit or killed by one. It was often how they learned to leave cars alone...lol. We quit having a cat. We prefer dogs, but don't have anything against cats. In fact, we like them just fine...but we have also had three over the last 30 years get run over by a car....so we don't want to go through that anymore. It breaks your heart and is just a terrible thing for kids to see.
Mike Funkhowser January 16, 2013 at 05:31 PM
This article does not list all the details that appeared in TBT. The owner let the dog out in a fenced yard. Since Snoopy had a propensity to wander into the alley, he also had a leash on. The owner continnued to get ready for work while the dog did his business. The neighbor and her kids, watching their own puppy in their yard, witnessed the driver (also caught on security cam) chase down the dog at a high rate of speed. They stated that the dog was running for his life from the car/driver and all are highly upset. So don't go making excuses for an intentionally malicious driver or laying all the blame at the owner. Sure, he could have watched the dog the entire time outside, but most people don't expect someone to intentionally mow down a dog in a quiet residential alley, especially when they've taken precautions (fence and leash).
Mike Funkhowser January 16, 2013 at 05:57 PM
You also reference losing three cats. You know there is a city ordinance against allowing cats to wander outdoors. Neighbors don't really appreciate cat paw prints on their cats or the landscaping ripped up, used as a litter box. We have three "fixed" cats that have never been outdoors. They are house-pets. Our dog goes outside into a fenced yard and is also watched so she doesn't fall into the pool. Or, she is walked on a leash and picked up after.
Mike Funkhowser January 16, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Correction ... make that paw prints on their cars.
Sally Oroe January 16, 2013 at 06:15 PM
Good post Mike Funkhowser. I agree 100%
Peter J Dunlay January 17, 2013 at 03:10 PM
Animal Control is a function of County Government. Try calling Animal Control about cats at large. I did at one time. A.C. showed up and read me the riot act, saying they are too busy to enforce the Laws they are sworn to uphold. Hmm...
CJ January 17, 2013 at 04:21 PM
Sorry, I did not mean it to come off like that. Drivng in alleys is new to me, and we have them where I live. The roads in them are so bad, it often has you driving all over the place to get through them. I did not see the video, but did see it briefly on the news. I did not see anything that ''for sure'' looked as if the driver was chasing ''anything''...but I also realize it may be just as you say. If so, then I also already stated how bad I think that is. Did you miss that? A pup might to be hard to even see or notice if you hit it...that's my point. I am not trying to make excuses for anyone, but also don't like to see ''humans'' get accused of a crime with animals when the facts are possibly..or definitely ''spun''. I have seen several stories in regards to animals that seem exactly ''that''...stories that spin the facts in order to feed the animal loving frenzy of a few fanatics that you can see around here. I detest animal cruelty, but I also detest those who would falsly exaggerate facts just in order to make them look like a bigger animal lover at the expense of a human being. Cases in point that I can mention are the stories about the lady and the Manatee, and also Captain Jay and his dog, Dreamer. If I had a pup, it would not get ran over by ''anyone''. I protect my animals like my children. Obviously, I can't say that about my cats...but cats are a whole different thing when it comes to pets. Does anyone have a trained cat, really...lol?
CJ January 17, 2013 at 04:44 PM
Yes...you are right about the cats. Sort of. We have never bought a cat, but we befriend feral ones now and then...even to the point of letting them in the house a little. But not more than that. The 3 I mentioned happened over the many years we raised our boys, and it was in Kansas. The last one got ran over 15 years ago in front of our mailbox and my son saw it first walking home from school. I still have a hard time thinking about that one, and that sad day. It was a cutie, and it was my son's. They were wild cats that were defineitly our pets, and ferel cats that were special. Every once in a while one comes along that is like that. I guess you just want to be a jerk about my sensible comment. I will try to watch the video again. Maybe I will see what you say is true, but the video I saw on the TV news proved nothing . Fair enough? Traffic down my alley is not as mellow as you say. I will admit. I let cats run free. They were wild to start with, but we did become very attached to them. I guess if I had paid a lot of money for them from a pet store, then maybe I would have not let them out. Your attack on that comment by me is silly. Yeah...I could have kept them in the house ''all'' the time...but I explained why I did not. Even if ihad...uh...are you serious? The amount of wild cats ''everywhere''...here AND in Kansas is huge...and the problem with paw prints on cars would remain the same. Also...raccons are a bigger problem with that than cats. Why don't you know that?
Mrs Bee January 19, 2013 at 05:31 AM
Any person with half a brain and an ounce of common sense, deduction and reason can conclude from the distaught eyewitness' account, which was later supported by the video surveillance, that this was an intentional, malicious act. The car moved slowly through the alley, then suddenly, appears again headed in the opposite direction with increased speed down the alley...witness hears a yelp...you don't think the driver heard a thump? Two weeks ago I witnessed my neighbor's beagle hit by an SUV. The driver stopped immediately after she slammed into the grill, rolled onto the windshield and bounced off the curb...and that driver wasn't going half as fast as this alley driver. Thank goodness the beagle survived with only a couple scratches...but the point I'm making is, there is no way that driver didnt know he was mowing down a dog. Period.
CJ January 19, 2013 at 08:11 PM
Period? Maybe that's what your on...but you also need your eyes checked. The video did not show any of what you claimed. It just plain did not. You are making it all up. Even half a brain can tell that. There still has not been any follow-up news on this story that proves it was intentional. Just because they people were upset does not mean they were correct about the details...it just means they were upset about the pup...which I can certainly understand. They should be blaming themselves more for allowing it to happen. ''Period''.
CJ January 20, 2013 at 03:21 AM
OK, ''Mike''. I looked at the video ...looked at it several times. I simply do not see any proof this was on purpose. Nowhere near any proof. The fact it was a ''pup'' provides a fairly good explanation for this...pup are ''horrible'' on leashes. These people should have been watching this pup better. It's their own fault. I don't see how you can accept the facts about this story as given by the pups owner so easily. If further evidence proves otherwise, then I will join you in your anger against the driver....but I just don't see anything from the video. There are ''many''scenarios where the driver may have not noticed he did this....none of them ''good excuses'', of course...but possibly legitimate ones...such as using the cell phone, music too loud, eating food, talking with people in the car, etc, etc....you just are not taking into considerations things that could lend the benefit of the doubt.
Abt January 21, 2013 at 04:41 AM
The whole idea is that wasn't an accident, so it's not clear what you're after.
Abt January 21, 2013 at 04:44 AM
The police seem to disagree with you, CJ. No need to waste time on your strange comments, anyway.
CJ January 21, 2013 at 10:02 AM
Oh yeah...right...ouch...what a scolding that was....I hope I can sleep nights after that from now on, Abt. Thanks for settling this matter. With your input we now have all the answers. Just like the lady who rode the manatee was a wretched witch, for the vile treatment she gave the Manatee? And Captain Jay was a worthless soul, for how he gave his dog named Dreamer nothing but hate and misery? Ah...but you probably don't know anything about those recent local cases...do you? It sounds more like ''you'' have joined the ranks of the strange...the strange animals lovers void of any boundaries. I have defended nobody here. All I have pointed out is valid observations about the incident directly from what we know from the TV news story, and the video. The video shows nothing, and all the police have done is say they want to ''question'' the cars driver...nothing more has been said about that. Obviously, if they do find the driver and he confesses...then I am wrong. OK...so what? All I have done is base my comments on common sense after seeing the video and reading the story. From what I heard of the police comments, I get the impression they agree with ''me'', not you. After all, to quote the article, it says there was a ''single'' witness....and it was at 7:51 am ...a time when it is logical for a car to likely be in a hurry and also an odd time for someone to have their dog carelessly on a leash in a way it can stray into any alley. Anyway.
Mike Funkhowser January 21, 2013 at 11:11 AM
Boy CJ, based on your comments here and your response to Mr. Nestor attempting to save the YMCA, you are the proverbial crotchty old man. Bet that "period" comment won you a lot of friends with the women on here. You must be such a gem to your wife. No, we didn't spend a single dollar on any of our pets, they were all rescues. It's called being a responsible pet owner and not supporting irresponsible breeders. And, being a good neighbor. One cat use to be a feral and another was abandoned by a dear neighbor that moved away and left it. Our dog is a pure bred Jack Russel, a rescue and she was preceeded by a pure bred Basset Hound another rescue we had for 14 years. In this instance, the neighbors witnessed the dog mowed down and a reward fund has been established. What else do you need? To witness it with your own eyes? Regarding the Animal Control comment. I've never encountered that response. They have been beyond helpful and I gave them a donation in response. Perhaps this had to do with the recent management and employee disclipine problems. Changes have been made, adherence to a mission statement and goals is now the standard, hopefully they'll be more responsive if you give them a try again.
CJ January 22, 2013 at 04:02 AM
You don't seem to be able to keep track of who gets out of line first. And who crosses lines that should not have been. Our opinions differ on how those factors are defined. I have been civil and within the boundaries of debating an issue. If someone wants to take it up a notch, then I can do that too. You are just ranting now. Without just lashing out in blind support against the unknown driver, how about telling me what is wrong with points I have made? Did I make you cry? Sorry...I did not know you were so sensitive. That said, I will apologize about the ''period'' joke, but I don't see how anything I have said is any worse than what I am reading from others. Fair play or not, I do regret that one comment I made. You have lost focus of how serious it is to accuse someone of running over a dog on purpose. I happen to be someone who gives ''humans'' priority over animals in cases that could send a person to jail...if it was simply an accident or something the person did and not realize. I have already said that at least once already. I have also said, that if there ''is'' proof ....proof...not what we have seen and heard so far this was done on purpose...then I am completely on your side and some others here. I have made several valid.points, but they are just being ignored. If you review my first comment, why is it all that bad what I said? Have you even looked at it? I did not bring this discussion down this road, all I did is suggest the driver MAY NOT BE a dog killer.
CJ January 22, 2013 at 04:31 AM
''Look'', Mike. you are obviously a caring person. You are involved in helping with causes...and you care about animals. There is not that much that is different between us, but this is not as one sided as you defend it. Why get real so bent out of shape if people challenges your logic? In your reply here...you say this article refers to ''the neighbors'' (plural) and a ''reward fund''. Huh??? What are you reading? Seriously, man...just where are you reading all that in the article? If ''does not'' say that. There is ZERO mention of a reward and the article clearly and ''repeatedly'' states there is ''one'' witness. At the suggestion of others, I have read more ''s-l-o-w-l-y''. Now it appears you need to follow your own advice. The comments on ''this blog'' are on the article that precedes. That's all I am doing. There has not been any description or mention of follow-up info. If you are a fair person, you will review the article and then let me know if I am incorrect. I mean ''really'', Mike....''who'' is going to run over a puppy on purpose? Think about it. That just does not sound right, does it? Of course it doesn't. That is why I am reserving judgement until more info is out on it. If they do discover this was done on purpose, then I have no pity for the driver...but I want to be sure, or at least ''more'' sure....before I jump on the bandwagon to send the driver to jail over it. This is a ''human'' life we are talking about. Why is it so bad to reserve judgment?
CJ January 22, 2013 at 05:03 AM
Mike. You wrote about your pets: ''...One cat use to be a feral and another was abandoned by a dear neighbor that moved away and left it....'' (your words) We clearly have a different perspective on how we view things. You call this person a ''dear neighbor''...and as someone who simply '''abandoned '' a cat? Do you even stop to think about some of the things you write? Frankly, my opinion is that someone who would abandon a cat as you described does not sound like a very nice person. I can't imagine ''ever'' doing that to a pet. I would shoot it and bury it myself first, but not abandon a pet I had bonded with. You probably can't understand that. How could any decent person or family do that to a cat that was a pet. And that is coming from a person who as a kid, has raised animals as a 4-H project, named them, and then butcher it, pack the meat from it in a freezer, and then eat it for much of the following months. My own mother on many a day went out and killed a chicken to eat that evening. This world is made of many different types of people... all as good as you...but different. As I said, we have some simularities, but also some differences that you can't accept both ways.
CJ January 22, 2013 at 05:57 AM
A story: I enjoyed what you wrote about your pets. You're clearly an animal lover and commend you. Our family loves Jack Russel Terriors, and are huge ''Snoopy'' fans. In fact, my elderly sister has to move to a retirement home and we are soon going to have her 2 Jack Russell's. It's a sad story. The only peace she has in giving them up is that it is me who will be caring for them. We love them. We also have an alley. In ''our'' alley...it is ''crazy''. No place to not watch out for yourself, kids, or pets from cars. I don't think anyone ''ever'' drives by who is not on a cell phone. We have a current animal drama. We moved here in April from Kansas. That's north of here...lol. Our house was vacant for 2 years. There is a feral male cat that has made our home ''it's'' home all that time. Our neighbors told us it slept at our door since it was a kitten that grew up and then was on it's own. We have fed it everyday since we have lived here and call it ''Ourkitty''. We love this cat. To date, it still has ''never'' let ''anyone'' touch it. Not even one time yet. ''But''...it may finally be getting ready to. 4 days ago another very hungry male cat showed up out of the blue at the same door. It strangely adopted us, and let us pet it from day one. It was starving and crying. My son fed it, but not again for 3 days now. It stubbornly won't leave our door, hungry again, and is keeping ''Ourcat'' away. We're loyal to ''Ourcat''. We don't know what to do. The end. Relavant?
CJ January 22, 2013 at 06:29 AM
A gem to my wife? Don't know if you'd call it that, but we have been married over 30 years. She certainly could take a joke about the word ''period'' without needing a diaper change...and maybe tell a better joke in return. I retired from the military about that long ago also, and we have since raised 2 Eagle Scout sons...but I don't need to quailfy myself to you. My credentials are good and proven. Just the fact we have relocated down to this marvelous place says adequate things about us that should go without saying. Obviously, the fact I was in the service also says a lot about how much I care about things, and always have. I have been blessed. Yes..it's true I am getting crankier, but I am not ''proverbial'' anything. Along with maybe being more cranky, also come an increased appetite to contribute. That is because I take more things serious now, and experience has taught me to proceed with some sketicism about virtually everything....including Huffington Post articles. I apologize if my way of doing has an over zealous nature to it. I think that is fair critism and I am working on it. The move here has been overwhelmiong. Moving from another place that was your lifelong home has had effects that I may not be fully in control of yet. Trying to fit in and adjust to a new home is something I have not done since being in the military a long time ago. Just because I raise questions about things you don't does not make me a bad guy. Good night.
Mrs Bee April 06, 2013 at 09:41 AM
Please talk to Elizabeth McNeal and her kids. She saw and heard the whole thing in real time. She was interviewed on TV. Just because she and her kids were upset doesnt discount the accuracy of her account. The video was merely a back up to her story. And you obviously aren't going to see what the rest of us 20/20 vision folks see. My point is that you should gather facts before making baseless assumptions on the drivers intent. Given my experience in viewing a dog of the same size being hit at a much slower speed and hearing the impact, there's no way that driver could not hear the impact of hitting Snoopy. The elderly woman who hit my neighbors dog stopped immediately upon impact. And as far as your tasteless "period"comment, (in your weak attempt at a comeback i can only assume) it just goes to show you how narrow minded you are. Who says I'm a female who has the biological ability to go thru that anymore? But thanks for bringing it up, clod.
CJ April 06, 2013 at 02:30 PM
Yawn...thanks for waking me up on this topic...I thought is was dead. You wrote: ''Given my experience in viewing a dog of the same size being hit at a much slower speed and hearing the impact..." Call people before you ever drive by them so they can be sure to make sure their pets are out of your way. If nothing else, you sound like a very unlucky person to spend time with. Have you kept count and do you keep 8x10 glossy photos of those memories? Tasteless comments should not be first made by others if they don't want the same in return. Bleeding hearts like you don't need to be on a period to be offensive in a room. Besides, there is no such thing as ''period'' in a blog or forum. People can say what they want until the thread is pulled or they are victim of the all mighty censor. I am sure you are just the type to delete what you feel are bad for the ears of others. I know your type. Funny how you are fine with somebody making comments about my family in the context of this thread, but you have a poop-fizzy over a silly twist on someone trying to end the discussion by saying period. What, are you the ''church lady''? Sorry, but you come off as a solid explanation why the rate of divorce in marriages over 20 years is increasing. I have been married ''well over'' 30...and my wife would hand you your posterior on a platter for saying things about her like that. I bet you have been told to shut up in every known language.
Abt April 06, 2013 at 02:36 PM
Who is Elizabeth McNeal and where is the link to the interview? Thanks.


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