Youth Leader Arrested for Sexually Explicit Calls, Texts to 14-Year-Old

A 23-year-old volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of America is accused of trying to lure a camper to have sex with him.

A volunteer youth leader at the Boys and Girls Club in St. Petersburg has been arrested for allegedly trying to lure a teenage camper to have sex with him. 

Police arrested Jeremy Lomack, 23, around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon and charged him with attempting to lure and seduce a 14-year-old girl, through texts and cell phone calls, to engage in sexual intercourse.

According to police, over the course of the first week of camp at the Suncoast Chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of America, Lomack called and texted the victim "to develop an intimate relationship with her."

The victim complained to a friend about photos and texts. The victim's
friend told a staff member of the Boys and Girls Club, and the staff member immediately reported it to the Club's authorities, police said.

Lomack was dismissed as a volunteer youth leader, and the victim's mother was contacted as well. The victim's mother then called police.

The Boys and Girls Club Chairman, Larry Crowley, released a statement regarding the situation:

"At the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast, we hold the safety of our youth as our first priority. Any situation that challenges this mission is taken very seriously.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast has been informed by the St Petersburg Police Department that one of our adult volunteers is under investigation for an alleged crime.

The volunteer was removed from all programs as soon as we were notified. The organization is deeply concerned about these allegations, and is cooperating fully with law enforcement authorities in a thorough investigation of this case. We continuously strive to ensure our youth are not only safe, but supported when unfortunate situations occur.

Our most important priorities are the safety and well-being of the children we serve, and the responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by donors.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity, and does not tolerate inappropriate or illegal activity on the part of any Club staff, volunteer or youth member.

In addition, all employees and volunteers must pass a level two FBI background check prior to having access to children in our programs. The volunteer in question cleared his level-two background check and had also completed an affidavit of good moral character.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast will withhold further comment on this case until the investigation is completed and the case is resolved."


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