Smell Smoke? N. Florida Wildfires Blow Into St. Pete

A wildfire in the Osceola National Forest is blowing smoke into St. Petersburg and across Tampa Bay.

Thirty-thousand acres of burning forest in North Florida is sending smoke south into Pinellas County and across Tampa Bay.

The massive fire, along with smaller blazes across Florida, is causing air pollution in St. Petersburg.

The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning through 8 tonight, meaning dry hot winds and low humidity in Florida and some other areas of the U.S. are creating "fire weather conditions."

People with asthma and other respiratory or eye problems are advised to stay indoors today.

The state also has issued tips for helping to protect homes during wildfire season. Florida is at risk of wildfires all year, though the problems intensify in the hotter months.

The pervasive smoke in Florida is from a wildfire in the Osceola National Forest, according to the Florida Forest Service.

Emergency dispatchers across the state are being flooded with calls about the smell, according to TBO.com.


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