Strangulation Death Was Consensual Sex, Suspect Says

The victim's boyfriend says she willingly took part in sexual asphyxia. So why did he wait eight hours to summon help?

Update: A charge of manslaughter in the death of Jennifer Zale was upgraded to second degree murder Wednesday. St. Petersburg homicide detectives said they changed the manslaughter charge, after an autopsy revealed additional injuries to the victim's body "consistent with intentional homicidal violence."


Scott Alexander Greenberg does not deny that Jennifer Lee Zale died after he "put his hands around her neck and squeezed," St. Pete Police said.

But, he claims, her death was an accident – the result of "sexual asphyxia " – when the two were engaged in sexual intercourse, according to police.

On Tuesday, Greenberg was charged with one count of manslaughter in the death of the 26-year-old Jennifer Lee Zale.

Zale's body was found Tuesday morning in Room 114 at the Kenwood Inn Hotel in St. Petersburg, when Greenberg called police. He had waited eight hours to call 911, police said.

Here is the account that police provided of Zale's death:

Greenberg and Zale returned to their hotel room early Tuesday morning after a night out. The couple had lived at the hotel, at 451 34th St. North, for the past two weeks.

Greenberg told police that the two engaged in sexual intercourse, during which he strangled her in a consensual act of "sexual asphyxia."

Greenberg claimed that Zale was a willing participant. He said that at some point his girlfriend lost consciousness and he could not awaken her.

Panicking, Greenberg said he waited eight hours to call 911 because he was unsure what to do.

Greenberg insisted that he had no intention of killing Zale and that act was
strictly consensual, police said.

Detectives will be awaiting additional information from the Medical Examiner's
autopsy before any final determination is made on any possible additional

Kelly brooks August 31, 2012 at 02:48 AM
I hope u get murderd in jail u took my besffriend away i hope u rott
Kerri G September 02, 2012 at 08:30 AM
Im Jen's friend as well why would you do that to her ur a piece of junk and i hope u dont live long u scum.
Kelly brooks September 07, 2012 at 06:32 PM
He wont Jen will haunt him. He killed her and he will pay
Dale Jopko October 13, 2012 at 05:54 PM
another sisssy control freak nothing but a PUNK .Guys like this ( Including my Sisters Killer) cant deal with a man they need to abuse girls. I hope some inmate who lost a mother or sister to a man beater teachs you how it feels. kelly and kerri just know that your friend is at peace with God this P.O.S. will suffer each and every nite for he will have visions of Jen Staring right at him gasping for her last breath. Boy how i which i could have 1 hr with this trash. love to give him a slowful death..


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