Update: Two Infants in Critical Condition After Nearly Drowning

The children apparently fell into the backyard pool undetected. Police said both children are in critical condition.

Update: 10:30 a.m.: Two infants that nearly drowned in a St. Pete pool Monday night are now listed in critical condition and have been transferred to the intensive care unit at All Children's Hospital. 

According to St. Petersburg Police, they now know that the two 14-month-olds were able to get outside after a sliding glass door was left open. 

Police said the children's grandmother had stepped outside the sliding glass door to the backyard to smoke a cigarette. When she returned she failed to fully close the door and this was how the two boys made their way out of the house and into the backyard to the pool.

Both the boy's mother and father were in the house at the time and began to notice they were missing, police said. They estimated they were out of sight for about 10 minutes. During their search of the interior of the house, they noticed the sliding glass door was partially open.

When they went outside they found both boys floating face down in the pool. According to police, the father jumped in and pulled the two boys out of the pool as the mother and a great aunt performed CPR on the children until paramedics arrived.

Police said at this time, the drowning appears to be accidental in nature, however Child Protection Investigators are continuing their inquiry into the overall circumstances at the household.

Earlier, 6 a.m.: Two infants nearly drowned Monday night in St. Petersburg after they apparently made their way out of the house and fell into the backyard pool undetected. 

According to St. Petersburg Police, the adults in the residence discovered the children in the pool underwater, removed them and began resuscitation efforts while calling 911.

Both children were transported to All Children's Hospital, but according to a preliminary report they appear to be in good condition with no life threatening injuries, according to police.

Police arrived at 4052 38th Ave. N. around 8:30 Monday night regarding a report of a drowning involving two one-year-old infant children. Officers on the scene report the residence is occupied by multiple families.

The investigation is still ongoing to determine if any negligence is involved in the case, police said.


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