Domestic Partnership Registry Begins Today

Domestic Partnership Registry, Armored Truck, Tax Free Day, Anti-Gay? and Patch Newsletters are five things you need to know today.

1. Beginning TODAY, Aug. 1, adults who are in a domestic partnership relationship may register with the St. Petersburg Office of the City Clerk. Official registration follows the approval of the Domestic Partnership Registry ordinance passing on June 7.

2. On Tuesday, the St. Petersburg Police Department that police will use when dealing with armed suspects. The 2012 BearCat is a four-wheel drive vehicle primarily used for the transport of police tactical personnel to and from hostile situations. The vehicle will assist with the rescue, recovery and protection of both officers and civilians found in harm's way during terrorist threats, hostage situations or encounters with armed offenders.

3. From August 3rd until the 5th there is NO Sales Tax on most clothing and school supplies. Tax-exempt school supplies include back packs, pencils, crayons, rulers, composition books, construction paper, markers, erasers, scissors, notebooks, highlighters, lunch boxes and folders. For more information on tax-exempt clothing and school supplies please visit, Florida Department of Revenue's List of Tax Exempt Items

4. Amid backlash from , a national rally is planned Wednesday in support of the fast-food chain. The day is organized by FOX news host and Former Governor Mike Huckabee. In Florida, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Weldon will have supporters at various Chick-fil-A restaurants handing out brochures stating his support for "traditional marriage". 

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