Gov. Scott to Universities: Come Up With $10,000 Degrees

Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants the state’s universities to come up with a way to make higher education more affordable. His challenge could save St. Pete households thousands.

St. Petersburg residents who find themselves scrimping and saving to pay for college might have it a little easier in the years to come if Gov. Rick Scott gets his way.

The Republican leader is challenging the state’s 12 public universities to come up with a way to create $10,000 degrees, according to TBO.com.

"You should be able to work and go to school and not end up with debt," Scott said in an interview on News Channel 8. "Yet those degrees cost so much money and tuition is so high that that's not going to happen. So I put out this challenge to our state colleges."

Scott’s challenge comes on the heels of major budget cuts to the state’s university system. This year alone, Florida’s universities took a $300 million cut in funding, prompting protests as the University of South Florida and elsewhere. To make up for those cuts, schools like USF have raised their tuition rates.

Even so, TBO points out, Florida’s tuition costs are lower than the national average. In-state tuition and fees comes in around $6,000 a year for undergraduates.

Scott, however, says there’s still plenty of fat in the budgets to cut.

Read TBO’s full story here.

Are you worried about paying for college for your kids? Is it possible to cut enough fat to enable the state to offer $10,000 degrees? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Steve November 28, 2012 at 11:47 AM
Anything to divert us from the lousy job he's doing as governor. Remember all those jobs he promised? Instead, he fired all the DMV workers so we get to stand in line all day...and fires all the corrections workers and "privatizes" prisons to fat-cat businessmen. Hasn't saved a dime in the states that have tried it.
sparky November 28, 2012 at 03:21 PM
An interesting concept. Its been so long since I got my degree I don't know what an undergraduate degree costs in Florida. The article fails to really state what the starting point might be to reduce from at St. Pete College or USF. Poor reporting. What this means is more on-line courses, less brick and mortar. The problem is that the buildings are built and the bonds must be paid so no immediate reduction there. Cut teacher salaries and you cut quality. I need to see more than this statement. I do know that Pinellas Schools spend to much on administration but have no idea what that might be for colleges and university. If a student gets a 4-year degree and is $25,000 in debt what is the big deal? That same student will immediately go out and buy a $25,000+ car and pay it off over six years while making the minimum payment on a student loan that is at a lower interest rate for more years which ends up costing much, much more. Need some basic money management courses for entitled students in college.
Wendy November 28, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I really appreciate Rick Scott. He's one of the few politicians who's doing what we, his constituents asked him to do. Cut backs are painful but considering Florida's fiscal health, he's done a good job. This new issue about $10,000.00 degrees is a great idea. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


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