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Henderson Distancing Worthington in Campaign Contributions

Vice Mayor Sam Henderson appears to have more financial backing for his campaign than opponent and former councilor Bob Worthington.

Documents released by the City of Gulfport show that Sam Henderson leads his opponent, Bob Worthington, in campaign contributions.

Per the state of Florida's Division of Elections, Henderson received $7,885 as of Friday, Feb. 8. During the same time period, Worthington received $6,675 in campaign contributions.

As of Feb. 8, Henderson spent $1,957.13 for campaign signs, handouts, cards and voter data from the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office. Worthington spent $4,877.30 on similar campaign materials including postcards and Facebook advertisements, according to documents provided by the city.

Here is a list of contributions for Sam Henderson as of Friday, Feb. 8, 2013:

$1,000: Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee, Florida Democratic Party

$500: David Sandridge, Jim Shatz, Lyn Orns, Emmett Walsh

$250: Randolph Snell, Bryan Klich, Karen Hodgen, Brooke Anderson, Elise Minkoff

$220: Michael Smith

$200: Jerome Hendrickson, Walter Dill

$100: Kevin Hayden, Richard Boylan, Steve Obrachta, DRL Consulting, Susanne Klich Langford, Lincoln Farnvm, Darden Rice, Don Sankovitch, Linda Dewey, Don McKenting

$60: Kellie Sues,

$50: Randy Smith, Naomi Chaney, Brenda McMahon, James Turley, Robert Appel, Jeri Reed, Bonnie Sklaren, Karen Dorn, Darrell Turley

$40: John Meyer

$25: Helen Briley, Gerald Goen, Richard J. Piper, Anthony Branch, Julie Vogel, Ray Wonderlich, Joanne Kennedy, Jasmine Knapp

$20: Patricia Plantamura, Ida Kass, Linda Zamparelli, Trevor Cickovski, Karl Nurse, John Holecek

$10: Sharon Janis, Deborah Frethem

In Kind: $20 Office Supplies from Susan Koenig, $40 Office Supplies from Robert Appell, $80 for Website Design from Kelly Wright, $15 for web advertising from Dan Liedtke

Loan: $125 from Sam Henderson

Here is a list of contributions for Bob Worthington as of Friday, Feb. 8, 2013:

$500: Dave & Jo Hastings, Jean Proach, Guadalupe Gagnon, Lupe Bookeeping, LLC, Poul Hornsleth, Dianne Norris, Harley L. Jr. Worthington

$400: Ethel Stapella

$300: Lloyd Mason

$200: Gina Burke, Patty & Lawrence Burke, Catherine & Robert Caldwell, Ed Jennings, Clara Triolo

$100: F. West Dupes, Mary Stahl, Nancy Kelly & Ann Marie Anderson, Robert & Beverly Newcomb, Doug Hudson, William Church Jr., Louis Distasio, Stephanie Brobeil, Jean Proach, Lloyd Mason

$55: Arnold Lass

$50: Martin & Carolynn Needleman, David Reed, Dee Regan

$25: Donalie & Clark Scherer, Earnest & Pamela Stone

$20: Maritza Smith

In-Kind: $500 from Habana Cafe

Loan: $200 from Bob Worthington

Learn more about the candidates on Gulfport Patch:

Contact the Candidates:

Both candidates have set up Facebook Pages; here are the links:

Rainbow Energy February 23, 2013 at 07:05 PM
You're really trying very hard to find a negative to hang on Bob's campaign. But you were told on the WatchDogs by Nancy Kelly "That bus does not belong to Barbara Banno. It belongs to a citizen who supports Robert Worthington and I don't think it will use much gas driving around this 2 sq mile city."
Rainbow Energy February 23, 2013 at 07:18 PM
The unfounded accusation on the LapinskiReport regarding Bob Worthington's "likes" has been settled after folks came forward attesting to Bob's 65 years of honest contributions in Gulfport and his top-secret security clearance with Honeywell. Steve Lapinski, Sam Henderson, and Gulfport WatchDogs removed the posts after Steve Lapinski clarified his unfounded attempt to soil Bob's good name and his campaign with this posting "my conversation with Doug Hudson - one of Bob's supporters, I now also agree that the Worthington campaign itself does not have anything to do with the Facebook mess, and in the spirit of fairness I have removed the article."
John Johns February 23, 2013 at 10:30 PM
Why would the Henderson campaign tolerate that antics of Steve Lapinski and the Pinski Report? One has to wonder if it wasn't Mr. Lapinski himself that bought the "likes" on Worthington's FB page. Also, why did the Gulfport Watchdogs take down a post. What did they have to do with any of this?
Rainbow Energy February 24, 2013 at 05:38 AM
THe Gulfport WatchDogs were asked by one of its friends, who was very involved in the controversy and had a long conversation with Steve Lapinski, to remove the posting. The friend felt satisfied that Lapinski no longer believed that the "like" issue was in anyway attributable to Bob Worthington or anyone connected to his campaign. Since both Lapinski and Henderson removed the unfounded accusation from their websites, Poodle Patrol felt in all fairness to remove the posts. The German Shepherdess, however, remarked that she would not have removed the posts until Steve Lapinski apologized to Bob Worthington. Another friend felt the same way.
Faun Weaver February 24, 2013 at 11:14 PM
It may be a non partisan race, that does not mean that it doesn't matter to citizens what affiliation the person has. I know it matters to me.


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