Hilton Offers Space for Rays Stadium Presentation

City Council will consider hosting the Rays Stadium proposal from CityScape at the Hilton Hotel Carillon Park.

A hotel in the proposed area has invited city officials its space to host the presentation about the new stadium. 

In August, city council voted 7-1 to allow CityScape and Darryl LeClair to present a plan for a new Rays stadium in the Carillon business park, which is just west of the Howard Franklin Bridge. 

“What this does, we believe, is protect the integrity of our use agreement,” City Attorney John Wolfe of the city's agreement with the Rays before the August vote. “It allows you to hear a proposal form the developer, but not allow them to talk to the Rays directly.”

That vote, Wolfe said, allows for the CityScape to present its proposal to the city without allowing them to present it directly to the Rays. Representatives from the Rays will be invited to the presentation but legally could not speak with anyone from CityScape. 

Council member Jim Kennedy is bringing the item before council. In a memo, Kennedy said the space would work for all parties. 

"I am respectfully requesting that city council consider hosting the proposed stadium presentation at the Hilton St. Petersburg in the Carillon Park area," Kennedy wrote in the memo. "This venue is centrally located for the city and the county and meets the necessary requirements of the presenter."


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