Obama Leads Romney in Florida CNN Poll

What is giving President Obama the edge in Florida?

A new Time/CNN/Opinion Research poll in Florida shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney by four points among likely voters, 50% to 46%.

"Obama's edge in Florida is bolstered by women voters, among whom he's beating Romney, 54%-42%, and by nonwhite voters, with whom he boasts a 70%-29% advantage. There are signs the incumbent is stitching together the same demographic coalitions that helped him capture Florida's 29 electoral votes four years ago."

'I Am Who I Am," Romney Tells Politico Three Times

Mitt Romney conceded President Obama has succeeded in making him a less likable person in an interview with Politico but he offered a defiant retort to those hoping he will open up this week: "I am who I am."

Romney quoted that Popeye line three times in a 30-minute interview... swatting away advice from Republicans to focus on connecting with voters in a more emotional, human way at this convention. ... The issue seems close to the surface for Romney. He even used the same line in an interview with Fox News that aired Sunday: "Remember that Popeye line: 'I am what I am and that's all what I am.'"

Romney to Arrive in Tampa Ahead of Schedule

Romney was originally scheduled to arrive in Tampa at least a day later as he prepares to accept his party's nomination on Thursday with a speech meant to reintroduce himself to the nation. But his campaign decided to send him two days early amid uncertainty about the convention schedule because of Tropical Storm Isaac. ... The ostensible reason: to watch his wife, Ann, deliver her speech Tuesday evening.

Romney and Paul Ryan will attend an RNC "farewell victory rally" Friday in Lakeland.

What's the GOP Platform?

A new Pew Research survey finds more Americans express interest in learning about what's in the Republican party platform than in the speeches by either Mitt Romney or his running mate.

About half of the public (52%) is interested in learning about the Republican Party's platform, while 44% are interested in Romney's acceptance speech and about the same percentage (46%) in Ryan's convention speech. 

Florida's Voting Rule Book 

BOB GRAMAM: 'YOU THOUGHT THE 2000 RECOUNT WAS BAD..." via Joni James of the Tampa Bay Times

As the nation looks to Tampa for the Republican National Convention, former Florida Gov. and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham weighs in on the inconsistent voting rules that this important swing state will have in play come Nov. 6. 

"A central issue in Bush vs. Gore, which declared George W. Bush president of the United States, was whether the equal protection of the laws was violated by the variation among Florida counties' election and recount procedures. It took the better part of six weeks the settle the 2000 elections. If this year's election in Florida is as close as it appears it will be, unfold your favorite lounge chair. It's going to be a long time before this one is settled..."

GOProud Hosting Social Event

Hosted by the gay conservative organization, GOProud and produced by local event planner, Bryan Farris and his company, Premier Events of Tampa Bay, the guest list already includes such conservative luminaries as Ann Coulter, Grover Norquist and Dana Loesch of Breitbart.com.  Also in attendance will be New York Post gossip columnist, Cindy Adams.  

"There might also be a few surprise guests," said Farris. HOMOCON 2012 will start at 10:30 p.m. at The Honey Pot nightclub in Ybor City.


Red August 29, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Of course Oboma tells the truth works hard, an does the best he knows how. Romney puts out lies, wants to squeeze the people with more taxes, take away the rights of women, workers, and the sick. They know it's not a winning strategy,they know it. They know the only way for them to win is to lie, cheat, and steal the election. A cheeter never wins, a winner never cheats. Now all the misguided will begin the denials because as it is said: De-Nile ain't just a river in Egypt.
Keith Best September 05, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Go see the movie "2016, Obama's America". Take your friends, take your family, but go see it. You might learn something.


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