New Pier: What $50 Million Buys

The public is encouraged to see the Pier designs firsthand. Read on to find out what up to $50 million buys for the waterfront.

ST. PETERSBURG – Want to peer into the future? Check out the redesign proposals for the city Pier, which are on display at the Museum of History.

The winning design of the final three concepts may dominate the downtown waterfront for many years to come.

The designs are part of the "Look, Think, Share" program at the museum. There is not admission fee to see the display, and the jury, which will select the winner, wants the public's feedback.

On Dec. 16, the design teams will present their concepts to the jury at the Coliseum, 535 4th Avenue North, where the public is welcome to attend and observe.

At the Museum of History, there are miniature models that show the depth and range of the designs, as well as design boards that line the room.

For each design, there is a questionnaire for the public to fill out. The results will be used by the jury when it makes its final recommendation for the Pier, which is scheduled for January 2012.

The survey questions are:

  1. How well does the concept capture the public's vision for the Pier?
  2. Do you think the concept is a worthy landmark of the City of St. Petersburg?
  3. Can you see this concept as a frequent destination for yourself and tourists?
  4. Does this concept energize and excite you?
  5. Rate your level of support for the Pier concept.

The city is encouraging residents to come to the museum to view the designs up close because it wants residents to see a more complete vision of the concepts and not just a photo gallery online.

The look and feel is one aspect of the designs, but so is the financing and viability of the Pier. Mayor Bill Foster and the city have set a maximum budget of $50 million for the pier.


  • What you get for $45 million - Stage 1A
    • The new pedestrian bridge.
    • Water access ramps.
    • Plaza at the St. Petersburg Eye, which is at the center of the structure.
    • The inner core of the pavilion, which has three levels of open-ended, programmable space and restrooms.
    • Architectural lighting.
    • The inner core’s two decks and stairs are cast-in-place concrete. The Plaza uses sand tubes and sand fill to bring the plaza up to the Pavilion’s ground level.
  • What you get for an additional $19.6 million - Stage 2
    • A four-acre sand bar.
    • An ecologically diverse, park-like mangrove landscape.
    • A cut in the landfill that will improve flushing and provide the sense of arrival to the new upland landscape.
    • A reorganized parking lot for marina and museum users.
    • Two tram shelters.


  • What you get for $49.9 million
    • The approach to the wave, or the "wave walk."
    • The five-story, curling, wave-like signature structure, along with a rooftop deck.
    •  A tributary park with enhanced landscaping.
  • What you get for an additional $12.1 million
    • Beach improvements.
    • Park area improvements.
    • Concession and wine bar
    • Playground and outdoor furniture.
    • Fire Pit, Skate Park, Water Overlooks, Beach Steps.
    • Vinoy Basin Pedestrian Bridge.


  • What you get for $44.9 million
    • Above-water dive.
    • Above-water pedestrian bridge.
    • Pier promontory.
    • Elevator Tower.
    • Balconies.
    • Lens canopy.
    • Underwater reef.
    • Marina/Dock.
  • What you get for an additional $95.5 million
    • Amphitheater ($36.6 million).
    • Welcome mat, which includes enhanced lighting, landscaping, retaining walls and water feature ($8.9 million).
    • Civic loop & civic green, which includes a community garden ($11.8 million).
    • Water park ($17.9 million).
    • Hub, which includes a broadcast studio, enhanced landscaping and a pavillion ($10.7 million).
    • Energy Flotilla, which includes concrete bathtubs and an island with 30 wind turbines. ($9.6 million).


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