Poll: Flowers, Welch, Schools Tax Favored in Election

StPetePolls has released its latest results for local, Pinellas County races.

Local polling group, StPetePolls, has released its latest results from surveying 836 likely Pinellas County voters on Oct. 3. 

According to the results, respondents overwhelmingly support Sheriff Bob Gualtieri (54%) over challenger Scott Swope (36%), incumbent Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch (51%) over challenger Buck Waltz (32%) and former St. Pete city council member Rene Flowers (48%) over incumbent Glen Gilzean (21%) for Pinellas County School Board District 7. 

Closer races include two other county commission races including Janet Long vs. incumbent Neil Brickfield and incumbent Nancy Bostock vs. Charlie Justice. Brickfield has 44.9 percent support to Long's 43.9 percent while Bostock is at 43.6 percent to Justice's 46.3 percent. 

Another close race is the vote on the extension of the one-half millage increase for Pinellas County Schools. According to StPetePolls, 40.4 percent support, 34.1 percent oppose and 25.5 percent remain undecided. 

Other results from StPetePolls

In the race for Pinellas County School Board Member District 1 do you support Janet R. Clark or Elliott Stern?

  • Janet R. Clark: 41.3% 
  • Elliott Stern: 25.1% 
  • Undecided: 33.6% 

In the race for Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections do you support Republican Deborah Clark or No Party Candidate Jack Killingsworth?

  • Deborah Clark: 56.5% 
  • Jack Killingsworth: 30.8%
  • Undecided: 12.7%


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