Poll Lines Sparse Amid Rain in St. Pete

Patch stopped by three polling places early Tuesday morning to see if the rain was affecting turnout.

While the rain is not expected to last much longer, the rain did put a temporary damper at polling places throughout St. Petersburg. 

At the Dwight H. Jones Neighborhood Center, Westminster Presbyterian Church and Sunken Gardens no one had to wait outside in the rain to vote. Wait times were around 30-45 minutes at each location with about 25-50 people in line. 

Rick Alexander was at the Dwight Jones Neighborhood Center and said the lines were shorter than in years past.

"I think it will pick up but I know a few neighbors that are waiting to vote until the rain clears," he said. "I voted now so I could get to work." 

If you are waiting to vote, the rain should clear out later this afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. 

“There’s a little cold front moving through right now,” explained Todd Barron, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Ruskin office. Thanks to that, Bay area residents can expect “light to moderate showers from Sarasota up through Pasco.

“All this rain is moving through pretty quickly,” Barron said. “It should be out of the area by early to mid-afternoon.”

According to the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections, around 42 percent of registered voters have already cast their ballots through either mail-in ballots or by voting early. 


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