Sen. Nelson Urges Stronger Gulf Recovery Efforts

Florida's Democratic senator calls for bipartisan support in Congress in passing the Restore Act, two years after the BP oil spill. The act would target BP fines for restoration efforts.

With Tampa Bay as the backdrop, U.S. Sen Bill Nelson marked the two-year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill Friday with a talk in St. Petersburg before environmentalists, supporters and the press.

The senator, speaking at Demens Landing Park, called for bipartisanship in releasing and directing funds from BP fines to recovery efforts.

He disclosed findings of a recent audit showing that more than 7,000 victims of the oil spill, including many Floridians, have yet to be fully compensated for losses.

Nelson also argued for keeping the ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Florida coast. He called the ban an issue of national security and environmental stewardship.


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