St. Pete, Pinellas Rally for Women's Rights

On Saturday men, women and children took part in the Pinellas "March Against the War on Women."

On Saturday men, women and children met to voice their displeasure with the "War on Women" with a countywide march. 

The march, organized by Awake Pinellas, began at 10 a.m. Saturday at 5511 Park St. N.

Occupy My Soapbox wrote that the march has been fueled by a significant increase in bills aimed at women's reproductive choice. 

"As if preparing ammunition for these rallies, Florida Governor Rick Scott used a line-item veto to cut funds for Florida's rape crisis centers. Not only did his veto occur during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but it came just a week and a half prior to the rallies.

... Women and men came with signs supporting the Equal Rights Amendment, decrying attacks on reproductive health, the ever-resilient Pink Slip Rick, and more."

In a video promoting the march, Wendy Grassi, director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood in Southwest and Central Florida, said it is time for the public to stand up to bills being pushed through legislatures that hurt women's rights. 

"These guys were elected because we (had) a faltering economy. They campaigned on getting jobs for everyone and what have they done?" she asked in the video. "They have concerned all of their time, most of their time, on curtailing women's reproductive rights and rights to healthcare. It's unconsciousable."

Patch would like to thank OccupyMySoapBox.com for sharing the content and the video. 


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