Sheriff's Debate: Bob Gualtieri Shares Highlights

Bob Gualtieri shares his highlight of the evening after a heated Pinellas County Sheriff's candidate debate at Unitarian Universalists Octagon Arts Center on Tuesday, July 17.

Pinellas County Sheriff candidates Bob Gualtieri, Scott Swope, Everett Rice and Greg Pound participated in a two-hour live debate sponsored by Patch.com, Bay News 9 and the .

Candidates were asked about cutting programs, immigration, prescription drugs, Safe Harbor, spending and more.

Following the debate, each candidate was asked:

"What do you feel is the highlight tonight?" and also, if he had anything else he's like to add.

Watch the short interview attached to this article to hear more from .

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Sunde Farquhar July 18, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Thank you for participating in the debate Bob Gualtieri!


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