Video: Car-Sharing Program Launches in St. Pete

A new program at USF St. Petersburg will allow students, faculty and the general public to rent a car by hour, day or overnight. People can reserve one of two vehicles parked at USFSP through the new car-sharing program on campus.

USF St. Petersburg's new car-sharing program was announced Tuesday by St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster and USFSP Interim Regional Chancellor Bill Hogarth. Officials say the program offers an environmentally sustainable, efficient and cost effective alternative for students, faculty and the general public.

"The students and the general public who weren't required to have a car to have a great time here at USFSP, they can get in a car, pick up a friend at the airport, bring them back to downtown, they can go to the beach, they can go around this beautiful city," Foster said.

The car-sharing program is open immediately to students and faculty members of USFSP and will be open to the general public in the coming weeks. The program is designed for short trips, such as a day at the beach or shopping at the mall.

"We are extremely pleased to offer this affordable transportation option to the downtown community. We hope the program will reduce the need for cars on campus and contribute to our ongoing sustainability efforts," Hogarth said.

About the program:

The Nissan Cube and Fiat 500 will be available to rent by hour, day or overnight and will be parked in the USFSP garage at 250 5th Ave S. The program will be operated by WeCar by Enterprise, which runs a similar program at USF in Tampa.

All reservations need to be completed online. Those interested in renting a car through this program need to purchase a membership online at www.WeCar.com. The program is open immediately to students and faculty and will be open to the general public in the coming weeks.

Students 18 and older are eligible and non-students have to be at least 21. The annual membership is $35, however, Ryan Johnson with WeCar says they are currently providing a $30 credit to be used towards your rental fees.

Rental fees begin at $8.50 per hour and include fuel, basic physical damage and state-required liability protection. Drivers must return the vehicles with at least 1/4 tank of gas.

Learn more about how to register and reserve a car online at WeCar.com.

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Jack Sprat February 13, 2013 at 03:51 PM
The county commission is considering a 1% sales tax for PSTA which will apply to all purchases in Pinellas County by anyone, regardless of their income. This will be exactly the same as the "Penny for Pinellas" sales tax which currently costs us about $130 Million a year (of course it will be more as the economy improves and people are able to spend more). PSTA has no definitive plans for this $130 Million annual revenue source - although it will replace the $33 Million or so currently assessed as property tax. They want to tax EVERYONE, not just property owners. PSTA is now saying they will "improve" bus service and "look at" alternative transit options. Currently less than 3% of Pinellas citizens use PSTA. Maybe they should use that $100 Million or so extra they will be taking out of our economy every year to fund a more efficient, greener and flexible transit option such as.....A CAR-SHARING PROGRAM! The $100 MILLION they take out of everyone's pockets could subsidze these green cars which would offer transportation that makes sense and allows people to go where they actually want to go.


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