What’s Old Northeast-Downtown St. Pete Saying About Obama?

Find out what Old Northeast- Downtown St. Pete Patch readers had to say about the president's connection to the people.


Earlier this week, we asked Patch readers.

Here’s what a reader of Old Northeast-Downtown St. Pete Patch had to say:

I couldn't have said it better Phil, people do not do their own due diligence anymore, they believe everything their candidate or Fox News tells them.. It will get interesting when we get closer to the debates, and the commercials start coming out on all the lies Mitt has told, and the facts that back it up... He has a lot to try to come clean about.... It still amazes me in this world of instant information, that people rather be spoon fed, as long as it fits their world view..

Lance LaPointe

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Red June 17, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Those 30+ billionaires are only out for themselves. The candidate, Obama is a guy with a heart. As a nation we can do worse, a lot worse. I for one don't want to live in Romney world. Even this column wants to boost the wing-nuts secret super Pacs, the press blocked from even asking questions or when asked the questions are not answered, or untruthfully answered. The teaparty dirty tricks squads interrupting or insulting our President is a telling behavior. These people don't want to to tell the truth it's just not a way to win, the truth of what he will do is just too scary! Our president, B. Obama has a heart, he cares for our country, he's smart enough to do the job, he will do the job if given a congress to work with, not against him .Simply put our choice is to help him repair the damaged economy, or let the wingnuts finish the job started by Bush and send their profits to Switzerland or Caimans Islands. Pres. Obama will help us stand tall as US citizens, or with Romney we can look forward to the view from . .. ... under the bus.
Gwen Thomas June 18, 2012 at 09:59 PM
@Red. I can only hope that Rick Scott's voter purge has no effect this election. Now, more than the previous election, we have to find ways for people of all backgrounds to make it to the polls. I hope that money doesn't buy votes this time around for Florida.


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