5 Things to Know in St. Pete Today: Yanks, Bret and Casey Anthony

Yanks storm the Trop. Tropical Bret causes storms in Tampa Bay. Casey Anthony has been a storm of controversy.

1.) Yankees in for Four: This is a defining stretch of the season for the Tampa Bay Rays... First, three at home with the division-leading Red Sox and now, beginning tonight, four home games with the Yankees. If the Rays don't do well against the Yanks beginning tonight, the season may be over by August. Cheer them on beginning at 7 at the . Go to www.raysbaseball.com.

2.) More Rain: Tropical storm Bret formed in the Banahmas but isn't supposed to be a direct threat to Florida or the U.S. for that matter. But the band of bad weather will bring plenty of rain to St. Petersburg and the rest of Tampa Bay this week, along with daily thunder and lightning storms.

3.) Marketing Your Small Business: If you own a small business, marketing may be one of your biggest challlenges. Advertising, branding and promotions can help a business to succeed. The lack of good marketing can be disastrous. Learn from the pros tonight at 6, at a free workshop at the . The session is presented by SCORE.

4.) Rookie of the Year: Acoustic pop rockers, Rookie of the Year, headline a big show of seven bands beginning tonight at 6 at The Local 662, 662 Central Ave. The other groups on the bill are: Call Us Kings, And by Love, Versus Addison, Escape Tonight, Sundays Finest and No Inside. Tickets are $13.

5.) Casey Anthony: Casey Anthony left jail for the first time in three years on Sunday but left no word about where she was heading or what she plans to do. What do you think? Take our poll.


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