Letter to the Editor: Broadcaster Issues Plea to Save Baseball

"We allow some of the most talented baseball players in the world to play in empty stadiums night, after night, after night. Let’s do something to change that."

The City of Dunedin has a problem.

The city of Tampa has a problem.

The cities of Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, have a problem. 

Pinellas County, Hillsborough County and counties across and the state of Florida have a problem so grave and, yet, so easy to fix it ought to be addressed here and now.

We, as a group, are not doing our jobs, and supporting the great game of baseball. 

After the buzz of Spring Training dies down, and the hot summer months descend upon us, we allow some of the most talented baseball players in the world to play in empty stadiums night, after night, after night. 

Let’s do something to change that.

Tickets to Florida State League games can be had across the league for $5 to $10 on a nightly basis, and you can find season ticket packages in double digits all over the state. Most games feature food and/or beverage specials, and also offer the opportunity to win great prizes throughout the night.  

How about a free iPad, a free laptop, or a free car? Wash that down with a $2 beverage, or a $1 hotdog, or a buy one get one free margarita if you’re in the mood!

Who could ask for more than that?

I beg you, for the sake of these players and for the good of our own community, come on out and enjoy the experience of baseball!

Be calmed by its beauty, its grace, and its artistry. Be thrilled by a home plate collision, a hard line drive, and a strikeout in the bottom of the ninth. Be with your friends and family, bring a date — take a chance.  

Come out and watch some baseball this summer — I dare you!

Come watch your local team.

Come see them on the road in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Lakeland, and come see them in Clearwater, Dunedin and Bradenton. Heck, take a road trip over to Jupiter this summer, and spend a weekend out fishing by day, and watching baseball at night.  

There’s no reason not to. 

These teams need you, and if you give these games a chance, you just might realize that you need them too.

Craig Durham

Dunedin Blue Jays Broadcaster

(Craig can be reached by email craigmdurham@gmail.com and on Twitter @CraigMDurham.)

Scott Bitterli April 06, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Guess what, baseball is not that amazing. Professional sports are really not that amazing. Most people have better things to do on a regular basis, than spend valuable time and money watching millionaires play a game. Our children are malnourished and poorly educated. There are criminals running the government and ruining our living environment, THERE ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THAN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS!


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