Gas Prices Dip as Memorial Day Nears

Since April the average price for a gallon of gas in St. Petersburg dropped by more than 40 cents.

Just a few months ago the average gallon of gasoline was hovering just below $4 with fears that it would spike higher.

Today, according to the auto club AAA, gas prices have fallen sharply in the past month and are lower now than at this time in 2011. 

In April, AAA said the average gallon of gasoline in Florida was $3.90. In May of 2011, it was $3.82. Today, AAA said the average is $3.52.

According to Gas Buddy.com, the average gallon of gasoline is even lower in the Tampa Bay area at $3.42 a gallon. 

The Daytona Beach Business Journal quoted AAA spokesperson, Jessica Brady.

"Motorists will get the much-needed relief at the pump just in time for the Memorial Day weekend and will likely lead to an increased number of travelers, helping to jump-start the summer travel season."

AAA and Brady have changed its tune from earlier this year when AAA predicted gas prices would be $4 by July

Each week, Old Northeast Patch has been posting the "Cheapest Gas" in St. Petersburg. 

From , the average price of gas in St. Pete was $3.93 with the cheapest gas in town at $3.79. On April 9, the most expensive gas was $4.09. 

Earlier this week, was $3.35 and the most expensive was $3.59.


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