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Cece Shatz is the “Doyenne” of Divorce, Singles and Single Parent’s Support in the Tampa Bay Area!
She is a Life and Divorce Coach, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of My Divorce Path (www.mydivorcepath.com) with Pegotty and Randall Cooper where together they help individuals regain clarity and confidence through turbulent times of divorce.  With an interactive, action-oriented on-line course from the comfort and privacy of your own environment. For the past several years she has devoted herself to helping hundreds through My Friends Connect, Inc., which is an exciting leading Social Networking Group.  This group adds a new twist on providing a comfortable and open online educational support environment for those experiencing separation, divorce, transition into dating, dating and single parenthood.  Her groups can be found on meetup.com in the Tampa Bay Area. My Friends Connect, Divorce Support Social Group (http://www.meetup.com/tampadivorcesupportsocial) My Friends Connect Transition into Dating & Relationships http://www.meetup.com/Friends-Connect-Tampa-Bay-Area My Friends Connect Relationship Wanted Middle Age+ Singles http://www.meetup.com/Relationship-Seeking-Middle-Aged-Singles-Tampa Cece Shatz is also the Radio Host of Going Solo – Life After Divorce which broadcasts every Tuesday morning at 10 am EST on Rhino On Air (www.rhinoonair.com) . Where Cece, brings you through the devastation feelings of divorce through to finding yourself and living your best life!  She takes a lighthearted and candid approach to discussions on the journey of divorce, dating, relationships, sex and parenting. Cece is also partner with Michelle Grace in a new interactive exciting online dating site, Date in Real Life www.dateirl.com She also co-hosts with Michelle Grace, Date in Real Life, a prerecorded show to air every Monday night at 8pm EST on www.radioearnetwork.com. These ladies have a fun, light hearted but serious approach to discussing dating in REAL Life! She is also a blogger on Patch.com Northeast, St. Petersburg where she writes regarding divorce, relationships, dating, dating tips, sex and the everyday experiences of being a mature Mom, Grandmother and a Single Parent of a 9 year old. Cece has represented Life Improvement Radio and podcasts of Going Solo – Life After Divorce are located on ITunes.  She was also featured on Tampa Bay New 9 in November 2010 and Cece has appeared on several radio talk shows throughout the United States.  My Friends Connect, Inc. (Friends Connect) was featured in the St. Petersburg Times and The Huffington Post.  My Friends Connect, Inc. is certainly the Social Networking Group of the future! My Divorce Path, http://www.mydivorcepath.com Radio Host of Going Solo – Life After Divorce, http://rhinoonair.com  My Friends Connect, Inc. http://www.meetup.com/tampadivorcesupportsocial http://www.meetup.com/Friends-Connect-Tampa-Bay-Area http://www.meetup.com/Relationship-Seeking-Middle-Aged-Singles-Tampa
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