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I've lived in Glen Cove almost all my life- I moved here when I was 5, but my family had lived here (my grandfather was the original developer for the homes on Morgan's Island) so I knew Glen Cove was a great place to live.  I enjoy being involved in our community and take it to heart when someone says something negative about our city, particularly, our schools. I've got three kids (one in Gribbin, one in Connolly and one in nursery school) and think Glen Cove is a wonderful place for them to grow up- I even convinced my husband, who graduated from Locust Valley High School- of that and he agrees too! I've been a Cheerleading and Softball coach in Glen Cove’s Junior sports leagues and I'm very involved in the PTA of our schools.  I'm the past PTA president  and Treasurer of the Gribbin PTA and think it's really important for parents to get involved in their child's PTA.  On the professional front, I've got 20+ years executive experience  in advertising and digital media at some of the largest advertising agencies in the world. I'm currently a Partner in a marketing/media consulting firm called 747 Marketing where I specialize in Digital Strategies for our clients. If you ever need advice on getting your business online, feel free to drop me a line. I'd be glad to give you some pointers. I also manage the newsletter and website http://www.thethreetomatoes.com, which is a lifestyle guide "for women who aren't kids." The newsletter is free and I would love for you to check it out- we've got great contributors including gossip queen Liz Smith, restaurant critic Gael Greene and Sex-expert Dr. Ruth. And we give stuff away all the time and have great deals and discounts. Now that's fun. As a Mom, you have to be great juggler. If you happen to bump into me at the local supermarket with my kids, whatever you do, don't say "Wow, you've got your hands full!" because I'll pull out two more hands just to prove to you it's all under control (at least that's what I keep telling myself.). Hoping to write more about whatever is going on through my mind at the time. 
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